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9. User-visible Changes

This chapter describes changes to g77 that are visible to the programmers who actually write and maintain Fortran code they compile with g77. Information on changes to installation procedures, changes to the documentation, and bug fixes is not provided here, unless it is likely to affect how users use g77. See section News About GNU Fortran, for information on such changes to g77.

Note that two variants of g77 are tracked below. The egcs variant is described vis-a-vis previous versions of egcs and/or an official FSF version, as appropriate.

Therefore, egcs versions sometimes have multiple listings to help clarify how they differ from other versions, though this can make getting a complete picture of what a particular egcs version contains somewhat more difficult.

For information on bugs in the GCC-2.95 version of g77, see Known Bugs In GNU Fortran.

The following information was last updated on 1999-07-08:

In 0.5.25, GCC 2.95 (EGCS 1.2) versus EGCS 1.1.2:

In 0.5.24 versus 0.5.23:

There is no g77 version 0.5.24 at this time, or planned. 0.5.24 is the version number designated for bug fixes and, perhaps, some new features added, to 0.5.23. Version 0.5.23 requires gcc 2.8.1, as 0.5.24 was planned to require.

Due to EGCS becoming GCC (which is now an acronym for "GNU Compiler Collection"), and EGCS 1.2 becoming officially designated GCC 2.95, there seems to be no need for an actual 0.5.24 release.

To reduce the confusion already resulting from use of 0.5.24 to designate g77 versions within EGCS versions 1.0 and 1.1, as well as in versions of g77 documentation and notices during that period, "mainline" g77 version numbering resumes at 0.5.25 with GCC 2.95 (EGCS 1.2), skipping over 0.5.24 as a placeholder version number.

To repeat, there is no g77 0.5.24, but there is now a 0.5.25. Please remain calm and return to your keypunch units.

In EGCS 1.1.2 versus EGCS 1.1.1:

In EGCS 1.1.1 versus EGCS 1.1:

In EGCS 1.1 versus EGCS 1.0.3:

In EGCS 1.1 versus g77 0.5.23:

In 0.5.23 versus 0.5.22:

In 0.5.22 versus 0.5.21:

In EGCS 1.0.2 versus EGCS 1.0.1:

In EGCS 1.0.1 versus EGCS 1.0:

In EGCS 1.0 versus g77 0.5.21:

In 0.5.21:

In 0.5.20:

In previous versions:

Information on previous versions is archived in `egcs/gcc/f/news.texi' following the test of the DOC-OLDNEWS macro.

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