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H8/300 Options

These -m options are defined for the H8/300 implementations:

Shorten some address references at link time, when possible; uses the linker option -relax. See ld and the H8/300, for a fuller description.
Generate code for the H8/300H.
Generate code for the H8/S.
Generate code for the H8/S2600. This switch must be used with -ms.
Make int data 32 bits by default.
On the H8/300H and H8/S, use the same alignment rules as for the H8/300. The default for the H8/300H and H8/S is to align longs and floats on 4 byte boundaries. -malign-300 causes them to be aligned on 2 byte boundaries. This option has no effect on the H8/300.