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1 Invoking jar

fastjar is an implementation of Sun's jar utility that comes with the JDK, written entirely in C, and runs in a fraction of the time while being feature compatible.

If any file is a directory then it is processed recursively. The manifest file name and the archive file name needs to be specified in the same order the -m and -f flags are specified.

Exactly one of the following actions must be specified:

Create new archive.
List table of contents for archive.
Extract named (or all) files from archive.
Update existing archive. This option is disabled due to bugs (currently fails with exit status 1 and does nothing).

The following parameters are optional:

Read the names of the files to add to the archive from stdin. This option is supported only in combination with -c or -u. Non standard option added in the GCC version.
-C directory
Change to the directory and include the following file.
Prevent fastjar from reading the content of a directory when specifying one (and instead relying on the provided list of files to populate the archive with regard to the directory entry). Non standard option added in the GCC version.
Do not create a manifest file for the entries.
Store only; use no ZIP compression.
Display version information.
-f archive
Specify archive file name.
-m manifest
Include manifest information from specified manifest file.
Generate verbose output on standard output.

All remaining options are considered to be names of files.