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Pragma CPP_Virtual


     pragma CPP_Virtual
          [Entity     =>] ENTITY,
       [, [Vtable_Ptr =>] vtable_ENTITY,]
       [, [Position   =>] static_integer_EXPRESSION]);

This pragma serves the same function as pragma Import in that case of a virtual function imported from C++. The Entity argument must be a primitive subprogram of a tagged type to which pragma CPP_Class applies. The Vtable_Ptr argument specifies the Vtable_Ptr component which contains the entry for this virtual function. The Position argument is the sequential number counting virtual functions for this Vtable starting at 1.

The Vtable_Ptr and Position arguments may be omitted if there is one Vtable_Ptr present (single inheritance case) and all virtual functions are imported. In that case the compiler can deduce both these values.

No External_Name or Link_Name arguments are required for a virtual function, since it is always accessed indirectly via the appropriate Vtable entry.

Pragma CPP_Virtual is intended primarily for automatic generation using an automatic binding generator tool. See Interfacing to C++ for related information.