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Pragma Compile_Time_Warning


     pragma Compile_Time_Warning
              (boolean_EXPRESSION, static_string_EXPRESSION);

This pragma can be used to generate additional compile time warnings. It is particularly useful in generics, where warnings can be issued for specific problematic instantiations. The first parameter is a boolean expression. The pragma is effective only if the value of this expression is known at compile time, and has the value True. The set of expressions whose values are known at compile time includes all static boolean expressions, and also other values which the compiler can determine at compile time (e.g. the size of a record type set by an explicit size representation clause, or the value of a variable which was initialized to a constant and is known not to have been modified). If these conditions are met, a warning message is generated using the value given as the second argument. This string value may contain embedded ASCII.LF characters to break the message into multiple lines.