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A.2 Specifying a Run-Time Library

The adainclude subdirectory containing the sources of the GNAT run-time library, and the adalib subdirectory containing the ALI files and the static and/or shared GNAT library, are located in the gcc target-dependent area:


As indicated above, on some platforms several run-time libraries are supplied. These libraries are installed in the target dependent area and contain a complete source and binary subdirectory. The detailed description below explains the differences between the different libraries in terms of their thread support.

The default run-time library (when GNAT is installed) is rts-native. This default run time is selected by the means of soft links. For example on x86-linux:

          +--- adainclude----------+
          |                        |
          +--- adalib-----------+  |
          |                     |  |
          +--- rts-native       |  |
          |    |                |  |
          |    +--- adainclude <---+
          |    |                |
          |    +--- adalib <----+
          +--- rts-fsu
          |    |
          |    +--- adainclude
          |    |
          |    +--- adalib
          +--- rts-sjlj
               +--- adainclude
               +--- adalib

If the rts-fsu library is to be selected on a permanent basis, these soft links can be modified with the following commands:

     $ cd $target
     $ rm -f adainclude adalib
     $ ln -s rts-fsu/adainclude adainclude
     $ ln -s rts-fsu/adalib adalib

Alternatively, you can specify rts-fsu/adainclude in the file $target/ada_source_path and rts-fsu/adalib in $target/ada_object_path.

Selecting another run-time library temporarily can be achieved by the regular mechanism for GNAT object or source path selection:

You can similarly switch to rts-sjlj.