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14.2 Using gnatkr

The gnatkr command has the form

     $ gnatkr name [length]

name is the uncrunched file name, derived from the name of the unit in the standard manner described in the previous section (i.e. in particular all dots are replaced by hyphens). The file name may or may not have an extension (defined as a suffix of the form period followed by arbitrary characters other than period). If an extension is present then it will be preserved in the output. For example, when krunching to eight characters, the result will be

Note: for compatibility with previous versions of gnatkr dots may appear in the name instead of hyphens, but the last dot will always be taken as the start of an extension. So if gnatkr is given an argument such as Hello.World.adb it will be treated exactly as if the first period had been a hyphen, and for example krunching to eight characters gives the result hellworl.adb.

Note that the result is always all lower case (except on OpenVMS where it is all upper case). Characters of the other case are folded as required.

length represents the length of the krunched name. The default when no argument is given is 8 characters. A length of zero stands for unlimited, in other words do not chop except for system files where the impled crunching length is always eight characters.

The output is the krunched name. The output has an extension only if the original argument was a file name with an extension.