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8.79 MOD — Remainder function

MOD(A,P) computes the remainder of the division of A by P. It is calculated as A - (INT(A/P) * P).
f95, gnu
elemental function
X = MOD(A,P)

A shall be a scalar of type INTEGER or REAL
P shall be a scalar of the same type as A and not equal to zero

Return value:
The kind of the return value is the result of cross-promoting the kinds of the arguments.
          program test_mod
            print *, mod(17,3)
            print *, mod(17.5,5.5)
            print *, mod(17.5d0,5.5)
            print *, mod(17.5,5.5d0)
            print *, mod(-17,3)
            print *, mod(-17.5,5.5)
            print *, mod(-17.5d0,5.5)
            print *, mod(-17.5,5.5d0)
            print *, mod(17,-3)
            print *, mod(17.5,-5.5)
            print *, mod(17.5d0,-5.5)
            print *, mod(17.5,-5.5d0)
          end program test_mod

Specific names:

Name Arguments Return type Option
AMOD(A,P) REAL(4) REAL(4) f95, gnu
DMOD(A,P) REAL(8) REAL(8) f95, gnu