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11 Specialized Needs Annexes

Ada 95 defines a number of specialized needs annexes, which are not required in all implementations. However, as described in this chapter, GNAT implements all of these special needs annexes:

Systems Programming (Annex C)
The Systems Programming Annex is fully implemented.
Real-Time Systems (Annex D)
The Real-Time Systems Annex is fully implemented.
Distributed Systems (Annex E)
Stub generation is fully implemented in the GNAT compiler. In addition, a complete compatible PCS is available as part of the GLADE system, a separate product. When the two products are used in conjunction, this annex is fully implemented.
Information Systems (Annex F)
The Information Systems annex is fully implemented.
Numerics (Annex G)
The Numerics Annex is fully implemented.
Safety and Security (Annex H)
The Safety and Security annex is fully implemented.