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The Unrestricted_Access attribute is similar to Access except that all accessibility and aliased view checks are omitted. This is a user-beware attribute. It is similar to Address, for which it is a desirable replacement where the value desired is an access type. In other words, its effect is identical to first applying the Address attribute and then doing an unchecked conversion to a desired access type. In GNAT, but not necessarily in other implementations, the use of static chains for inner level subprograms means that Unrestricted_Access applied to a subprogram yields a value that can be called as long as the subprogram is in scope (normal Ada 95 accessibility rules restrict this usage).

It is possible to use Unrestricted_Access for any type, but care must be exercised if it is used to create pointers to unconstrained objects. In this case, the resulting pointer has the same scope as the context of the attribute, and may not be returned to some enclosing scope. For instance, a function cannot use Unrestricted_Access to create a unconstrained pointer and then return that value to the caller.