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3.2.3 Debugging and Assertion Control

The pragmas Assert and Debug normally have no effect and are ignored. This switch, where `a' stands for assert, causes Assert and Debug pragmas to be activated.

The pragmas have the form:


pragma Assert (Boolean-expression [, static-string-expression]) pragma Debug (procedure call)

The Assert pragma causes Boolean-expression to be tested. If the result is True, the pragma has no effect (other than possible side effects from evaluating the expression). If the result is False, the exception Assert_Failure declared in the package System.Assertions is raised (passing static-string-expression, if present, as the message associated with the exception). If no string expression is given the default is a string giving the file name and line number of the pragma.

The Debug pragma causes procedure to be called. Note that pragma Debug may appear within a declaration sequence, allowing debugging procedures to be called between declarations.