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Pragma Persistent_BSS


     pragma Persistent_BSS [(LOCAL_NAME)]

This pragma allows selected objects to be placed in the .persistent_bss section. On some targets the linker and loader provide for special treatment of this section, allowing a program to be reloaded without affecting the contents of this data (hence the name persistent).

There are two forms of usage. If an argument is given, it must be the local name of a library level object, with no explicit initialization and whose type is potentially persistent. If no argument is given, then the pragma is a configuration pragma, and applies to all library level objects with no explicit initialization of potentially persistent types.

A potentially persistent type is a scalar type, or a non-tagged, non-discriminated record, all of whose components have no explicit initialization and are themselves of a potentially persistent type, or an array, all of whose constraints are static, and whose component type is potentially persistent.

If this pragma is used on a target where this feature is not supported, then the pragma will be ignored. See also pragma Linker_Section.