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23.3 gnatcheck Rule Options

The following options control the processing performed by gnatcheck.

Turn all the rule checks ON.

Turn all the rule checks OFF.

Turn on the check for a specified rule with the specified parameter, if any. rule_id must be the identifier of one of the currently implemented rules (use -h for the list of implemented rules). Rule identifiers are not case-sensitive. The param item must be a string representing a valid parameter(s) for the specified rule. If it contains any space characters then this string must be enclosed in quotation marks.

Turn off the check for a specified rule with the specified parameter, if any.

Read the rule options from the text file rule_option_filename, referred as “rule file” below.

The default behavior is that all the rule checks are enabled, except for the checks performed by the compiler.

A rule file is a text file containing a set of rule options. The file may contain empty lines and Ada-style comments (comment lines and end-of-line comments). The rule file has free format; that is, you do not have to start a new rule option on a new line.

A rule file may contain other -from=rule_option_filename options, each such option being replaced with the content of the corresponding rule file during the rule files processing. In case a cycle is detected (that is, rule_file_1 reads rule options from rule_file_2, and rule_file_2 reads (directly or indirectly) rule options from rule_file_1), the processing of rule files is interrupted and a part of their content is ignored.