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5.50.3 ARM NEON Intrinsics

These built-in intrinsics for the ARM Advanced SIMD extension are available when the -mfpu=neon switch is used: Addition Multiplication Multiply-accumulate Multiply-subtract Subtraction Comparison (equal-to) Comparison (greater-than-or-equal-to) Comparison (less-than-or-equal-to) Comparison (greater-than) Comparison (less-than) Comparison (absolute greater-than-or-equal-to) Comparison (absolute less-than-or-equal-to) Comparison (absolute greater-than) Comparison (absolute less-than) Test bits Absolute difference Absolute difference and accumulate Maximum Minimum Pairwise add Pairwise add, single_opcode widen and accumulate Folding maximum Folding minimum Reciprocal step Vector shift left Vector shift left by constant Vector shift right by constant Vector shift right by constant and accumulate Vector shift right and insert Vector shift left and insert Absolute value Negation Bitwise not Count leading sign bits Count leading zeros Count number of set bits Reciprocal estimate Reciprocal square-root estimate Get lanes from a vector Set lanes in a vector Create vector from literal bit pattern Set all lanes to the same value Combining vectors Splitting vectors Conversions Move, single_opcode narrowing Move, single_opcode long Table lookup Extended table lookup Multiply, lane Long multiply, lane Saturating doubling long multiply, lane Saturating doubling multiply high, lane Multiply-accumulate, lane Multiply-subtract, lane Vector multiply by scalar Vector long multiply by scalar Vector saturating doubling long multiply by scalar Vector saturating doubling multiply high by scalar Vector multiply-accumulate by scalar Vector multiply-subtract by scalar Vector extract Reverse elements Bit selection Transpose elements Zip elements Unzip elements Element/structure loads, VLD1 variants Element/structure stores, VST1 variants Element/structure loads, VLD2 variants Element/structure stores, VST2 variants Element/structure loads, VLD3 variants Element/structure stores, VST3 variants Element/structure loads, VLD4 variants Element/structure stores, VST4 variants Logical operations (AND) Logical operations (OR) Logical operations (exclusive OR) Logical operations (AND-NOT) Logical operations (OR-NOT) Reinterpret casts