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6.4.3 Ada Language Testsuites

The Ada testsuite includes executable tests from the ACATS 2.5 testsuite, publicly available at

These tests are integrated in the GCC testsuite in the gcc/testsuite/ada/acats directory, and enabled automatically when running make check, assuming the Ada language has been enabled when configuring GCC.

You can also run the Ada testsuite independently, using make check-ada, or run a subset of the tests by specifying which chapter to run, e.g.:

     $ make check-ada CHAPTERS="c3 c9"

The tests are organized by directory, each directory corresponding to a chapter of the Ada Reference Manual. So for example, c9 corresponds to chapter 9, which deals with tasking features of the language.

There is also an extra chapter called gcc containing a template for creating new executable tests.

The tests are run using two sh scripts: run_acats and To run the tests using a simulator or a cross target, see the small customization section at the top of

These tests are run using the build tree: they can be run without doing a make install.