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12.10 Adding a new GIMPLE statement code

The first step in adding a new GIMPLE statement code, is modifying the file gimple.def, which contains all the GIMPLE codes. Then you must add a corresponding structure, and an entry in union gimple_statement_d, both of which are located in gimple.h. This in turn, will require you to add a corresponding GTY tag in gsstruct.def, and code to handle this tag in gss_for_code which is located in gimple.c.

In order for the garbage collector to know the size of the structure you created in gimple.h, you need to add a case to handle your new GIMPLE statement in gimple_size which is located in gimple.c.

You will probably want to create a function to build the new gimple statement in gimple.c. The function should be called gimple_build_<NEW_TUPLE_NAME>, and should return the new tuple of type gimple.

If your new statement requires accessors for any members or operands it may have, put simple inline accessors in gimple.h and any non-trivial accessors in gimple.c with a corresponding prototype in gimple.h.