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16.17 Including Patterns in Machine Descriptions.

The include pattern tells the compiler tools where to look for patterns that are in files other than in the file .md. This is used only at build time and there is no preprocessing allowed.

It looks like:


For example:

     (include "filestuff")

Where pathname is a string that specifies the location of the file, specifies the include file to be in gcc/config/target/filestuff. The directory gcc/config/target is regarded as the default directory.

Machine descriptions may be split up into smaller more manageable subsections and placed into subdirectories.

By specifying:

     (include "BOGUS/filestuff")

the include file is specified to be in gcc/config/target/BOGUS/filestuff.

Specifying an absolute path for the include file such as;

     (include "/u2/BOGUS/filestuff")

is permitted but is not encouraged.

16.17.1 RTL Generation Tool Options for Directory Search

The -Idir option specifies directories to search for machine descriptions. For example:

     genrecog -I/p1/abc/proc1 -I/p2/abcd/pro2

Add the directory dir to the head of the list of directories to be searched for header files. This can be used to override a system machine definition file, substituting your own version, since these directories are searched before the default machine description file directories. If you use more than one -I option, the directories are scanned in left-to-right order; the standard default directory come after.