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6.3.1 Subdirectories of gcc

The gcc directory contains the following subdirectories:

Subdirectories for various languages. Directories containing a file are language subdirectories. The contents of the subdirectories cp (for C++), objc (for Objective-C) and objcp (for Objective-C++) are documented in this manual (see Passes and Files of the Compiler); those for other languages are not. See Anatomy of a Language Front End, for details of the files in these directories.
Configuration files for supported architectures and operating systems. See Anatomy of a Target Back End, for details of the files in this directory.
Texinfo documentation for GCC, together with automatically generated man pages and support for converting the installation manual to HTML. See Documentation.
System headers installed by GCC, mainly those required by the C standard of freestanding implementations. See Headers Installed by GCC, for details of when these and other headers are installed.
Message catalogs with translations of messages produced by GCC into various languages, language.po. This directory also contains gcc.pot, the template for these message catalogues, exgettext, a wrapper around gettext to extract the messages from the GCC sources and create gcc.pot, which is run by `make gcc.pot', and EXCLUDES, a list of files from which messages should not be extracted.
The GCC testsuites (except for those for runtime libraries). See Testsuites.