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— GIMPLE function: gimple gimple_build_wce (gimple_seq cleanup)

Build a GIMPLE_WITH_CLEANUP_EXPR statement. CLEANUP is the clean-up expression.

— GIMPLE function: gimple_seq gimple_wce_cleanup (gimple g)

Return the cleanup sequence for cleanup statement G.

— GIMPLE function: void gimple_wce_set_cleanup (gimple g, gimple_seq cleanup)

Set CLEANUP to be the cleanup sequence for G.

— GIMPLE function: bool gimple_wce_cleanup_eh_only (gimple g)

Return the CLEANUP_EH_ONLY flag for a WCE tuple.

— GIMPLE function: void gimple_wce_set_cleanup_eh_only (gimple g, bool eh_only_p)

Set the CLEANUP_EH_ONLY flag for a WCE tuple.