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Pragma Check_Name


     pragma Check_Name (check_name_IDENTIFIER);

This is a configuration pragma that defines a new implementation defined check name (unless IDENTIFIER matches one of the predefined check names, in which case the pragma has no effect). Check names are global to a partition, so if two or more configuration pragmas are present in a partition mentioning the same name, only one new check name is introduced.

An implementation defined check name introduced with this pragma may be used in only three contexts: pragma Suppress, pragma Unsuppress, and as the prefix of a Check_Name'Enabled attribute reference. For any of these three cases, the check name must be visible. A check name is visible if it is in the configuration pragmas applying to the current unit, or if it appears at the start of any unit that is part of the dependency set of the current unit (e.g., units that are mentioned in with clauses).