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23.4 Adding the Results of Compiler Checks to gnatcheck Output

The gnatcheck tool can include in the generated diagnostic messages and in the report file the results of the checks performed by the compiler. Though disabled by default, this effect may be obtained by using +R with the following rule identifiers and parameters:

To record restrictions violations (which are performed by the compiler if the pragma Restrictions or Restriction_Warnings are given), use the Restrictions rule with the same parameters as pragma Restrictions or Restriction_Warnings.
To record compiler style checks (see Style Checking), use the Style_Checks rule. This rule takes a parameter in one of the following forms:

For example, the +RStyle_Checks:O rule option activates the compiler style check that corresponds to -gnatyO style check option.

To record compiler warnings (see Warning Message Control), use the Warnings rule with a parameter that is a valid static_string_expression argument of the GNAT pragma Warnings (for further information about this pragma, see Pragma Warnings). Note that in case of gnatcheck 's' parameter, that corresponds to the GNAT -gnatws option, disables all the specific warnings, but not suppresses the warning mode, and 'e' parameter, corresponding to -gnatwe that means "treat warnings as errors", does not have any effect.

To disable a specific restriction check, use -RStyle_Checks gnatcheck option with the corresponding restriction name as a parameter. -R is not available for Style_Checks and Warnings options, to disable warnings and style checks, use the corresponding warning and style options.