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23.2 General gnatcheck Switches

The following switches control the general gnatcheck behavior

Process all units including those with read-only ALI files such as those from the GNAT Run-Time library.

Progress indicator mode (for use in GPS).

List the predefined and user-defined rules. For more details see Predefined Rules.

Use full source locations references in the report file. For a construct from a generic instantiation a full source location is a chain from the location of this construct in the generic unit to the place where this unit is instantiated.

Duplicate all the output sent to stderr into a log file. The log file is named gnatcheck.log and is located in the current directory.

Maximum number of diagnostics to be sent to stdout, where nnnn is in the range 0...1000; the default value is 500. Zero means that there is no limitation on the number of diagnostic messages to be output.

Quiet mode. All the diagnostics about rule violations are placed in the gnatcheck report file only, without duplication on stdout.

Short format of the report file (no version information, no list of applied rules, no list of checked sources is included)

Append the content of the specified text file to the report file

Print out execution time.

Verbose mode; gnatcheck generates version information and then a trace of sources being processed.

-o report_file
Set name of report file file to report_file .

Note that if any of the options -s1, -s2 or -s3 is specified, then the gnatcheck report file will only contain sections explicitly denoted by these options.