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6.16 Named address spaces

As an extension, the GNU C compiler supports named address spaces as defined in the N1275 draft of ISO/IEC DTR 18037. Support for named address spaces in GCC will evolve as the draft technical report changes. Calling conventions for any target might also change. At present, only the SPU and M32C targets support other address spaces. On the SPU target, for example, variables may be declared as belonging to another address space by qualifying the type with the __ea address space identifier:

     extern int __ea i;

When the variable i is accessed, the compiler will generate special code to access this variable. It may use runtime library support, or generate special machine instructions to access that address space.

The __ea identifier may be used exactly like any other C type qualifier (e.g., const or volatile). See the N1275 document for more details.

On the M32C target, with the R8C and M16C cpu variants, variables qualified with __far are accessed using 32-bit addresses in order to access memory beyond the first 64k bytes. If __far is used with the M32CM or M32C cpu variants, it has no effect.