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6.54.14 SPARC VIS Built-in Functions

GCC supports SIMD operations on the SPARC using both the generic vector extensions (see Vector Extensions) as well as built-in functions for the SPARC Visual Instruction Set (VIS). When you use the -mvis switch, the VIS extension is exposed as the following built-in functions:

     typedef int v2si __attribute__ ((vector_size (8)));
     typedef short v4hi __attribute__ ((vector_size (8)));
     typedef short v2hi __attribute__ ((vector_size (4)));
     typedef char v8qi __attribute__ ((vector_size (8)));
     typedef char v4qi __attribute__ ((vector_size (4)));
     void * __builtin_vis_alignaddr (void *, long);
     int64_t __builtin_vis_faligndatadi (int64_t, int64_t);
     v2si __builtin_vis_faligndatav2si (v2si, v2si);
     v4hi __builtin_vis_faligndatav4hi (v4si, v4si);
     v8qi __builtin_vis_faligndatav8qi (v8qi, v8qi);
     v4hi __builtin_vis_fexpand (v4qi);
     v4hi __builtin_vis_fmul8x16 (v4qi, v4hi);
     v4hi __builtin_vis_fmul8x16au (v4qi, v4hi);
     v4hi __builtin_vis_fmul8x16al (v4qi, v4hi);
     v4hi __builtin_vis_fmul8sux16 (v8qi, v4hi);
     v4hi __builtin_vis_fmul8ulx16 (v8qi, v4hi);
     v2si __builtin_vis_fmuld8sux16 (v4qi, v2hi);
     v2si __builtin_vis_fmuld8ulx16 (v4qi, v2hi);
     v4qi __builtin_vis_fpack16 (v4hi);
     v8qi __builtin_vis_fpack32 (v2si, v2si);
     v2hi __builtin_vis_fpackfix (v2si);
     v8qi __builtin_vis_fpmerge (v4qi, v4qi);
     int64_t __builtin_vis_pdist (v8qi, v8qi, int64_t);