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1.4 Warnings

gcj implements several warnings. As with other generic gcc warnings, if an option of the form -Wfoo enables a warning, then -Wno-foo will disable it. Here we've chosen to document the form of the warning which will have an effect – the default being the opposite of what is listed.

With this flag, gcj will warn about redundant modifiers. For instance, it will warn if an interface method is declared public.
This causes gcj to warn about empty statements. Empty statements have been deprecated.
This option will cause gcj not to warn when a source file is newer than its matching class file. By default gcj will warn about this.
Warn if a deprecated class, method, or field is referred to.
This is the same as gcc's -Wunused.
This is the same as -Wredundant-modifiers -Wextraneous-semicolon -Wunused.