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6.1.1 Old-style kind specifications

GNU Fortran allows old-style kind specifications in declarations. These look like:

           TYPESPEC*size x,y,z

where TYPESPEC is a basic type (INTEGER, REAL, etc.), and where size is a byte count corresponding to the storage size of a valid kind for that type. (For COMPLEX variables, size is the total size of the real and imaginary parts.) The statement then declares x, y and z to be of type TYPESPEC with the appropriate kind. This is equivalent to the standard-conforming declaration

           TYPESPEC(k) x,y,z

where k is the kind parameter suitable for the intended precision. As kind parameters are implementation-dependent, use the KIND, SELECTED_INT_KIND and SELECTED_REAL_KIND intrinsics to retrieve the correct value, for instance REAL*8 x can be replaced by:

     INTEGER, PARAMETER :: dbl = KIND(1.0d0)
     REAL(KIND=dbl) :: x