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14.1.5 Other Formatting Options

These switches control the inclusion of missing end/exit labels, and the indentation level in case statements.

Do not insert missing end/exit labels. An end label is the name of a construct that may optionally be repeated at the end of the construct's declaration; e.g., the names of packages, subprograms, and tasks. An exit label is the name of a loop that may appear as target of an exit statement within the loop. By default, gnatpp inserts these end/exit labels when they are absent from the original source. This option suppresses such insertion, so that the formatted source reflects the original.
Insert a Form Feed character after a pragma Page.
Do not use an additional indentation level for case alternatives and variants if there are nnn or more (the default value is 10). If nnn is 0, an additional indentation level is used for case alternatives and variants regardless of their number.