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12.1.3 Specifying Configuration Pragmas

When using gnatmake with project files, if there exists a file gnat.adc that contains configuration pragmas, this file will be ignored.

Configuration pragmas can be defined by means of the following attributes in project files: Global_Configuration_Pragmas in package Builder and Local_Configuration_Pragmas in package Compiler.

Both these attributes are single string attributes. Their values is the path name of a file containing configuration pragmas. If a path name is relative, then it is relative to the project directory of the project file where the attribute is defined.

When compiling a source, the configuration pragmas used are, in order, those listed in the file designated by attribute Global_Configuration_Pragmas in package Builder of the main project file, if it is specified, and those listed in the file designated by attribute Local_Configuration_Pragmas in package Compiler of the project file of the source, if it exists.