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22.3.2 Switches for gnatmem

gnatmem recognizes the following switches:

Quiet. Gives the minimum output needed to identify the origin of the memory leaks. Omits statistical information.
N is an integer literal (usually between 1 and 10) which controls the depth of the backtraces defining allocation root. The default value for N is 1. The deeper the backtrace, the more precise the localization of the root. Note that the total number of roots can depend on this parameter. This parameter must be specified before the name of the executable to be analyzed, to avoid ambiguity.
-b n
This switch has the same effect as just depth parameter.
-i file
Do the gnatmem processing starting from file, rather than gmem.out in the current directory.
-m n
This switch causes gnatmem to mask the allocation roots that have less than n leaks. The default value is 1. Specifying the value of 0 will allow to examine even the roots that didn't result in leaks.
-s order
This switch causes gnatmem to sort the allocation roots according to the specified order of sort criteria, each identified by a single letter. The currently supported criteria are n, h, w standing respectively for number of unfreed allocations, high watermark, and final watermark corresponding to a specific root. The default order is nwh.