Chapter 24. Numerics

26.4, the generalized numeric operations such as accumulate, are extended with the following functions:

   power (x, n);
   power (x, n, moniod_operation);

Returns, in FORTRAN syntax, "x ** n" where n>=0. In the case of n == 0, returns the identity element for the monoid operation. The two-argument signature uses multiplication (for a true "power" implementation), but addition is supported as well. The operation functor must be associative.

The iota function wins the award for Extension With the Coolest Name. It "assigns sequentially increasing values to a range. That is, it assigns value to *first, value + 1 to *(first + 1) and so on." Quoted from SGI documentation.

   void iota(_ForwardIter first, _ForwardIter last, _Tp value);