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26.12 Additional Tests

gnattest can add user-written tests to the main suite of the test driver. gnattest traverses the given packages and searches for test routines. All procedures with a single in out parameter of a type which is derived from AUnit.Test_Fixtures.Test_Fixture and that are declared in package specifications are added to the suites and are then executed by the test driver. (Set_Up and Tear_Down are filtered out.)

An example illustrates two ways of creating test harnesses for user-written tests. Directory additional_tests contains an AUnit-based test driver written by hand.


To create a test driver for already-written tests, use the –harness-only option:

     gnattest -Padditional/harness/harness.gpr --harness-dir=harness_only \
     gnatmake -Pharness_only/test_driver.gpr

Additional tests can also be executed together with generated tests:

     gnattest -Psimple.gpr --additional-tests=additional/harness/harness.gpr \
     gnatmake -Pmixing/test_driver.gpr