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26.2 Switches for gnattest

When this option is given, gnattest creates a harness for all sources, treating them as test packages.
Sources described in projname are considered potential additional manual tests to be added to the test suite.
Recursively consider all sources from all projects.
Indicate that external variable name has the value value.
Suppresses noncritical output messages.
Verbose mode: generates version information.
Enables Liskov verification: run all tests from all parents in order to check substitutability.
Specifies the default behavior of generated stubs. val can be either "fail" or "pass", "fail" being the default.
The directory hierarchy of tested sources is recreated in the dirname directory, and test packages are placed in corresponding directories.
Test packages are placed in subdirectories. This is the default output mode since it does not require any additional input from the user. Subdirectories named "tests" will be created by default.

--separate_root and --subdir switches are mutually exclusive.