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14 Implementation of Ada 2012 Features

This chapter contains a complete list of Ada 2012 features that have been implemented as of GNAT version 6.4. Generally, these features are only available if the -gnat12 (Ada 2012 features enabled) flag is set or if the configuration pragma Ada_2012 is used. However, new pragmas, attributes, and restrictions are unconditionally available, since the Ada 95 standard allows the addition of new pragmas, attributes, and restrictions (there are exceptions, which are documented in the individual descriptions), and also certain packages were made available in earlier versions of Ada.

An ISO date (YYYY-MM-DD) appears in parentheses on the description line. This date shows the implementation date of the feature. Any wavefront subsequent to this date will contain the indicated feature, as will any subsequent releases. A date of 0000-00-00 means that GNAT has always implemented the feature, or implemented it as soon as it appeared as a binding interpretation.

Each feature corresponds to an Ada Issue (“AI”) approved by the Ada standardization group (ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG9) for inclusion in Ada 2012. The features are ordered based on the relevant sections of the Ada Reference Manual (“RM”). When a given AI relates to multiple points in the RM, the earliest is used.

A complete description of the AIs may be found in