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Pragma Wide_Character_Encoding


     pragma Wide_Character_Encoding (IDENTIFIER | CHARACTER_LITERAL);

This pragma specifies the wide character encoding to be used in program source text appearing subsequently. It is a configuration pragma, but may also be used at any point that a pragma is allowed, and it is permissible to have more than one such pragma in a file, allowing multiple encodings to appear within the same file.

The argument can be an identifier or a character literal. In the identifier case, it is one of HEX, UPPER, SHIFT_JIS, EUC, UTF8, or BRACKETS. In the character literal case it is correspondingly one of the characters ‘h’, ‘u’, ‘s’, ‘e’, ‘8’, or ‘b’.

Note that when the pragma is used within a file, it affects only the encoding within that file, and does not affect withed units, specs, or subunits.