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2.6 Options for directory search

These options affect how GNU Fortran searches for files specified by the INCLUDE directive and where it searches for previously compiled modules.

It also affects the search paths used by cpp when used to preprocess Fortran source.

These affect interpretation of the INCLUDE directive (as well as of the #include directive of the cpp preprocessor).

Also note that the general behavior of -I and INCLUDE is pretty much the same as of -I with #include in the cpp preprocessor, with regard to looking for header.gcc files and other such things.

This path is also used to search for .mod files when previously compiled modules are required by a USE statement.

See Options for Directory Search, for information on the -I option.

This option specifies where to put .mod files for compiled modules. It is also added to the list of directories to searched by an USE statement.

The default is the current directory.

-fintrinsic-modules-path dir
This option specifies the location of pre-compiled intrinsic modules, if they are not in the default location expected by the compiler.