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8.2.12 _gfortran_caf_event_post — Post an event

Increment the event count of the specified event variable.
void _gfortran_caf_event_post (caf_token_t token, size_t index, int image_index, int *stat, char *errmsg, int errmsg_len)

token intent(in) An opaque pointer identifying the coarray.
index Array index; first array index is 0. For scalars, it is always 0.
image_index The ID of the remote image; must be a positive number; zero indicates the current image when accessed noncoindexed.
stat intent(out) Stores the STAT=; may be NULL
errmsg intent(out) When an error occurs, this will be set to an error message; may be NULL
errmsg_len the buffer size of errmsg.

This acts like an atomic add of one to the remote image's event variable. The statement is an image-control statement but does not imply sync memory. Still, all preceeding push communications of this image to the specified remote image has to be completed before event_wait on the remote image returns.