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2 Math Library Routines

The following mathematical functions are available:

acosq: arc cosine function
acoshq: inverse hyperbolic cosine function
asinq: arc sine function
asinhq: inverse hyperbolic sine function
atanq: arc tangent function
atanhq: inverse hyperbolic tangent function
atan2q: arc tangent function
cbrtq: cube root function
ceilq: ceiling value function
copysignq: copy sign of a number
coshq: hyperbolic cosine function
cosq: cosine function
erfq: error function
erfcq: complementary error function
expq: exponential function
expm1q: exponential minus 1 function
fabsq: absolute value function
fdimq: positive difference function
finiteq: check finiteness of value
floorq: floor value function
fmaq: fused multiply and add
fmaxq: determine maximum of two values
fminq: determine minimum of two values
fmodq: remainder value function
frexpq: extract mantissa and exponent
hypotq: Eucledian distance function
ilogbq: get exponent of the value
isinfq: check for infinity
isnanq: check for not a number
j0q: Bessel function of the first kind, first order
j1q: Bessel function of the first kind, second order
jnq: Bessel function of the first kind, n-th order
ldexpq: load exponent of the value
lgammaq: logarithmic gamma function
llrintq: round to nearest integer value
llroundq: round to nearest integer value away from zero
logbq: get exponent of the value
logq: natural logarithm function
log10q: base 10 logarithm function
log1pq: compute natural logarithm of the value plus one
log2q: base 2 logarithm function
lrintq: round to nearest integer value
lroundq: round to nearest integer value away from zero
modfq: decompose the floating-point number
nanq: return quiet NaN
nearbyintq: round to nearest integer
nextafterq: next representable floating-point number
powq: power function
remainderq: remainder function
remquoq: remainder and part of quotient
rintq: round-to-nearest integral value
roundq: round-to-nearest integral value, return __float128
scalblnq: compute exponent using FLT_RADIX
scalbnq: compute exponent using FLT_RADIX
signbitq: return sign bit
sincosq: calculate sine and cosine simultaneously
sinhq: hyperbolic sine function
sinq: sine function
sqrtq: square root function
tanq: tangent function
tanhq: hyperbolic tangent function
tgammaq: true gamma function
truncq: round to integer, towards zero
y0q: Bessel function of the second kind, first order
y1q: Bessel function of the second kind, second order
ynq: Bessel function of the second kind, n-th order
cabsq complex absolute value function
cargq: calculate the argument
cimagq imaginary part of complex number
crealq: real part of complex number
cacoshq: complex arc hyperbolic cosine function
cacosq: complex arc cosine function
casinhq: complex arc hyperbolic sine function
casinq: complex arc sine function
catanhq: complex arc hyperbolic tangent function
catanq: complex arc tangent function
ccosq complex cosine function:
ccoshq: complex hyperbolic cosine function
cexpq: complex exponential function
cexpiq: computes the exponential function of “i” times a
real value
clogq: complex natural logarithm
clog10q: complex base 10 logarithm
conjq: complex conjugate function
cpowq: complex power function
cprojq: project into Riemann Sphere
csinq: complex sine function
csinhq: complex hyperbolic sine function
csqrtq: complex square root
ctanq: complex tangent function
ctanhq: complex hyperbolic tangent function