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6.31.15 MeP Function Attributes

These function attributes are supported by the MeP back end:


On MeP targets, this attribute causes the compiler to emit instructions to disable interrupts for the duration of the given function.


Use this attribute to indicate that the specified function is an interrupt handler. The compiler generates function entry and exit sequences suitable for use in an interrupt handler when this attribute is present.


This attribute causes the compiler to assume the called function is close enough to use the normal calling convention, overriding the -mtf command-line option.


On MeP targets this causes the compiler to use a calling convention that assumes the called function is too far away for the built-in addressing modes.


The vliw attribute tells the compiler to emit instructions in VLIW mode instead of core mode. Note that this attribute is not allowed unless a VLIW coprocessor has been configured and enabled through command-line options.