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5.1.2 Switches for gnatclean

gnatclean recognizes the following switches:


Display Copyright and version, then exit disregarding all other options.


If `–version' was not used, display usage, then exit disregarding all other options.


Actual object directory of each project file is the subdirectory subdir of the object directory specified or defaulted in the project file.


By default, shared library projects are not allowed to import static library projects. When this switch is used on the command line, this restriction is relaxed.


Only attempt to delete the files produced by the compiler, not those produced by the binder or the linker. The files that are not to be deleted are library files, interface copy files, binder generated files and executable files.

-D `dir'

Indicate that ALI and object files should normally be found in directory dir.


When using project files, if some errors or warnings are detected during parsing and verbose mode is not in effect (no use of switch -v), then error lines start with the full path name of the project file, rather than its simple file name.


Output a message explaining the usage of gnatclean.


Informative-only mode. Do not delete any files. Output the list of the files that would have been deleted if this switch was not specified.


Use project file project. Only one such switch can be used. When cleaning a project file, the files produced by the compilation of the immediate sources or inherited sources of the project files are to be deleted. This is not depending on the presence or not of executable names on the command line.


Quiet output. If there are no errors, do not output anything, except in verbose mode (switch -v) or in informative-only mode (switch -n).


When a project file is specified (using switch -P), clean all imported and extended project files, recursively. If this switch is not specified, only the files related to the main project file are to be deleted. This switch has no effect if no project file is specified.


Verbose mode.


Indicates the verbosity of the parsing of GNAT project files. Switches Related to Project Files.


Indicates that external variable name has the value value. The Project Manager will use this value for occurrences of external(name) when parsing the project file. Switches Related to Project Files.


When searching for ALI and object files, look in directory dir.


Equivalent to -aO`dir'.


Do not look for ALI or object files in the directory where gnatclean was invoked.

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