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#’ operator: Stringizing
##’ operator: Concatenation

_Pragma: Pragmas

alternative tokens: Tokenization
arguments: Macro Arguments
arguments in macro definitions: Macro Arguments
assertions: Obsolete Features
assertions, canceling: Obsolete Features

backslash-newline: Initial processing
block comments: Initial processing

C language, traditional: Invocation
C++ named operators: C++ Named Operators
character constants: Tokenization
character set, execution: Invocation
character set, input: Invocation
character set, wide execution: Invocation
command line: Invocation
commenting out code: Deleted Code
comments: Initial processing
common predefined macros: Common Predefined Macros
computed includes: Computed Includes
concatenation: Concatenation
conditional group: Ifdef
conditionals: Conditionals
continued lines: Initial processing
controlling macro: Once-Only Headers

defined: Defined
dependencies for make as output: Environment Variables
dependencies for make as output: Environment Variables
dependencies, make: Invocation
diagnostic: Diagnostics
digraphs: Tokenization
directive line: The preprocessing language
directive name: The preprocessing language
directives: The preprocessing language

empty macro arguments: Macro Arguments
environment variables: Environment Variables
expansion of arguments: Argument Prescan

FDL, GNU Free Documentation License: GNU Free Documentation License
function-like macros: Function-like Macros

grouping options: Invocation
guard macro: Once-Only Headers

header file: Header Files
header file names: Tokenization

identifiers: Tokenization
implementation limits: Implementation limits
implementation-defined behavior: Implementation-defined behavior
including just once: Once-Only Headers
invocation: Invocation
iso646.h: C++ Named Operators

line comments: Initial processing
line control: Line Control
line endings: Initial processing
linemarkers: Preprocessor Output

macro argument expansion: Argument Prescan
macro arguments and directives: Directives Within Macro Arguments
macros in include: Computed Includes
macros with arguments: Macro Arguments
macros with variable arguments: Variadic Macros
make: Invocation
manifest constants: Object-like Macros

named operators: C++ Named Operators
newlines in macro arguments: Newlines in Arguments
null directive: Other Directives
numbers: Tokenization

object-like macro: Object-like Macros
options: Invocation
options, grouping: Invocation
other tokens: Tokenization
output format: Preprocessor Output
overriding a header file: Wrapper Headers

parentheses in macro bodies: Operator Precedence Problems
pitfalls of macros: Macro Pitfalls
predefined macros: Predefined Macros
predefined macros, system-specific: System-specific Predefined Macros
predicates: Obsolete Features
preprocessing directives: The preprocessing language
preprocessing numbers: Tokenization
preprocessing tokens: Tokenization
prescan of macro arguments: Argument Prescan
problems with macros: Macro Pitfalls
punctuators: Tokenization

redefining macros: Undefining and Redefining Macros
repeated inclusion: Once-Only Headers
reporting errors: Diagnostics
reporting warnings: Diagnostics
reserved namespace: System-specific Predefined Macros

self-reference: Self-Referential Macros
semicolons (after macro calls): Swallowing the Semicolon
side effects (in macro arguments): Duplication of Side Effects
standard predefined macros.: Standard Predefined Macros
string constants: Tokenization
string literals: Tokenization
stringizing: Stringizing
symbolic constants: Object-like Macros
system header files: Header Files
system header files: System Headers
system-specific predefined macros: System-specific Predefined Macros

testing predicates: Obsolete Features
token concatenation: Concatenation
token pasting: Concatenation
tokens: Tokenization
traditional C language: Invocation
trigraphs: Initial processing

undefining macros: Undefining and Redefining Macros
unsafe macros: Duplication of Side Effects

variable number of arguments: Variadic Macros
variadic macros: Variadic Macros

wrapper #ifndef: Once-Only Headers
wrapper headers: Wrapper Headers

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