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Option Index

GCC’s command line options are indexed here without any initial ‘-’ or ‘--’. Where an option has both positive and negative forms (such as -foption and -fno-option), relevant entries in the manual are indexed under the most appropriate form; it may sometimes be useful to look up both forms.

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###: Overall Options

-fipa-bit-cp: Optimize Options
-fipa-vrp: Optimize Options
-mfunction-return: x86 Options
-mindirect-branch: x86 Options
-mindirect-branch-register: x86 Options
-mlow-precision-div: AArch64 Options
-mlow-precision-sqrt: AArch64 Options
-mno-low-precision-div: AArch64 Options
-mno-low-precision-sqrt: AArch64 Options
-Wabi-tag: C++ Dialect Options
-Wno-scalar-storage-order: Warning Options
-Wscalar-storage-order: Warning Options

80387: x86 Options

A: Preprocessor Options
allowable_client: Darwin Options
all_load: Darwin Options
ansi: Standards
ansi: C Dialect Options
ansi: Other Builtins
ansi: Non-bugs
arch_errors_fatal: Darwin Options
aux-info: C Dialect Options

B: Directory Options
Bdynamic: VxWorks Options
bind_at_load: Darwin Options
Bstatic: VxWorks Options
bundle: Darwin Options
bundle_loader: Darwin Options

c: Overall Options
C: Preprocessor Options
c: Link Options
CC: Preprocessor Options
client_name: Darwin Options
compatibility_version: Darwin Options
coverage: Instrumentation Options
current_version: Darwin Options

D: Preprocessor Options
d: Preprocessor Options
d: Developer Options
da: Developer Options
dA: Developer Options
dD: Preprocessor Options
dD: Developer Options
dead_strip: Darwin Options
dependency-file: Darwin Options
dH: Developer Options
dI: Preprocessor Options
dM: Preprocessor Options
dN: Preprocessor Options
dp: Developer Options
dP: Developer Options
dU: Preprocessor Options
dumpfullversion: Developer Options
dumpmachine: Developer Options
dumpspecs: Developer Options
dumpversion: Developer Options
dx: Developer Options
dylib_file: Darwin Options
dylinker_install_name: Darwin Options
dynamic: Darwin Options
dynamiclib: Darwin Options

E: Overall Options
E: Link Options
EB: ARC Options
EB: MIPS Options
EL: ARC Options
EL: MIPS Options
exported_symbols_list: Darwin Options

F: Darwin Options
fabi-compat-version: C++ Dialect Options
fabi-version: C++ Dialect Options
fada-spec-parent: Overall Options
faggressive-loop-optimizations: Optimize Options
falign-functions: Optimize Options
falign-jumps: Optimize Options
falign-labels: Optimize Options
falign-loops: Optimize Options
faligned-new: C++ Dialect Options
fallow-parameterless-variadic-functions: C Dialect Options
fasan-shadow-offset: Instrumentation Options
fassociative-math: Optimize Options
fasynchronous-unwind-tables: Code Gen Options
fauto-inc-dec: Optimize Options
fauto-profile: Optimize Options
fbounds-check: Instrumentation Options
fbranch-probabilities: Optimize Options
fbranch-target-load-optimize: Optimize Options
fbranch-target-load-optimize2: Optimize Options
fbtr-bb-exclusive: Optimize Options
fcall-saved: Code Gen Options
fcall-used: Code Gen Options
fcaller-saves: Optimize Options
fcf-protection: Instrumentation Options
fcheck-new: C++ Dialect Options
fcheck-pointer-bounds: Instrumentation Options
fchecking: Developer Options
fchkp-check-incomplete-type: Instrumentation Options
fchkp-check-read: Instrumentation Options
fchkp-check-write: Instrumentation Options
fchkp-first-field-has-own-bounds: Instrumentation Options
fchkp-flexible-struct-trailing-arrays: Instrumentation Options
fchkp-instrument-calls: Instrumentation Options
fchkp-instrument-marked-only: Instrumentation Options
fchkp-narrow-bounds: Instrumentation Options
fchkp-narrow-to-innermost-array: Instrumentation Options
fchkp-optimize: Instrumentation Options
fchkp-store-bounds: Instrumentation Options
fchkp-treat-zero-dynamic-size-as-infinite: Instrumentation Options
fchkp-use-fast-string-functions: Instrumentation Options
fchkp-use-nochk-string-functions: Instrumentation Options
fchkp-use-static-bounds: Instrumentation Options
fchkp-use-static-const-bounds: Instrumentation Options
fchkp-use-wrappers: Instrumentation Options
fcode-hoisting: Optimize Options
fcombine-stack-adjustments: Optimize Options
fcommon: Common Variable Attributes
fcompare-debug: Developer Options
fcompare-debug-second: Developer Options
fcompare-elim: Optimize Options
fconcepts: C++ Dialect Options
fcond-mismatch: C Dialect Options
fconserve-stack: Optimize Options
fconstant-string-class: Objective-C and Objective-C++ Dialect Options
fconstexpr-depth: C++ Dialect Options
fconstexpr-loop-limit: C++ Dialect Options
fcprop-registers: Optimize Options
fcrossjumping: Optimize Options
fcse-follow-jumps: Optimize Options
fcse-skip-blocks: Optimize Options
fcx-fortran-rules: Optimize Options
fcx-limited-range: Optimize Options
fdata-sections: Optimize Options
fdbg-cnt: Developer Options
fdbg-cnt-list: Developer Options
fdce: Optimize Options
fdebug-cpp: Preprocessor Options
fdebug-prefix-map: Debugging Options
fdebug-types-section: Debugging Options
fdeclone-ctor-dtor: Optimize Options
fdeduce-init-list: C++ Dialect Options
fdelayed-branch: Optimize Options
fdelete-dead-exceptions: Code Gen Options
fdelete-null-pointer-checks: Optimize Options
fdevirtualize: Optimize Options
fdevirtualize-at-ltrans: Optimize Options
fdevirtualize-speculatively: Optimize Options
fdiagnostics-color: Diagnostic Message Formatting Options
fdiagnostics-generate-patch: Diagnostic Message Formatting Options
fdiagnostics-parseable-fixits: Diagnostic Message Formatting Options
fdiagnostics-show-caret: Diagnostic Message Formatting Options
fdiagnostics-show-location: Diagnostic Message Formatting Options
fdiagnostics-show-option: Diagnostic Message Formatting Options
fdiagnostics-show-template-tree: Diagnostic Message Formatting Options
fdirectives-only: Preprocessor Options
fdisable-: Developer Options
fdollars-in-identifiers: Preprocessor Options
fdollars-in-identifiers: Interoperation
fdpic: SH Options
fdse: Optimize Options
fdump-ada-spec: Overall Options
fdump-final-insns: Developer Options
fdump-go-spec: Overall Options
fdump-ipa: Developer Options
fdump-lang: Developer Options
fdump-lang-all: Developer Options
fdump-noaddr: Developer Options
fdump-passes: Developer Options
fdump-rtl-alignments: Developer Options
fdump-rtl-all: Developer Options
fdump-rtl-asmcons: Developer Options
fdump-rtl-auto_inc_dec: Developer Options
fdump-rtl-barriers: Developer Options
fdump-rtl-bbpart: Developer Options
fdump-rtl-bbro: Developer Options
fdump-rtl-btl2: Developer Options
fdump-rtl-btl2: Developer Options
fdump-rtl-bypass: Developer Options
fdump-rtl-ce1: Developer Options
fdump-rtl-ce2: Developer Options
fdump-rtl-ce3: Developer Options
fdump-rtl-combine: Developer Options
fdump-rtl-compgotos: Developer Options
fdump-rtl-cprop_hardreg: Developer Options
fdump-rtl-csa: Developer Options
fdump-rtl-cse1: Developer Options
fdump-rtl-cse2: Developer Options
fdump-rtl-dbr: Developer Options
fdump-rtl-dce: Developer Options
fdump-rtl-dce1: Developer Options
fdump-rtl-dce2: Developer Options
fdump-rtl-dfinish: Developer Options
fdump-rtl-dfinit: Developer Options
fdump-rtl-eh: Developer Options
fdump-rtl-eh_ranges: Developer Options
fdump-rtl-expand: Developer Options
fdump-rtl-fwprop1: Developer Options
fdump-rtl-fwprop2: Developer Options
fdump-rtl-gcse1: Developer Options
fdump-rtl-gcse2: Developer Options
fdump-rtl-init-regs: Developer Options
fdump-rtl-initvals: Developer Options
fdump-rtl-into_cfglayout: Developer Options
fdump-rtl-ira: Developer Options
fdump-rtl-jump: Developer Options
fdump-rtl-loop2: Developer Options
fdump-rtl-mach: Developer Options
fdump-rtl-mode_sw: Developer Options
fdump-rtl-outof_cfglayout: Developer Options
fdump-rtl-pass: Developer Options
fdump-rtl-peephole2: Developer Options
fdump-rtl-postreload: Developer Options
fdump-rtl-pro_and_epilogue: Developer Options
fdump-rtl-ree: Developer Options
fdump-rtl-regclass: Developer Options
fdump-rtl-rnreg: Developer Options
fdump-rtl-sched1: Developer Options
fdump-rtl-sched2: Developer Options
fdump-rtl-seqabstr: Developer Options
fdump-rtl-shorten: Developer Options
fdump-rtl-sibling: Developer Options
fdump-rtl-sms: Developer Options
fdump-rtl-split1: Developer Options
fdump-rtl-split2: Developer Options
fdump-rtl-split3: Developer Options
fdump-rtl-split4: Developer Options
fdump-rtl-split5: Developer Options
fdump-rtl-stack: Developer Options
fdump-rtl-subreg1: Developer Options
fdump-rtl-subreg2: Developer Options
fdump-rtl-subregs_of_mode_finish: Developer Options
fdump-rtl-subregs_of_mode_init: Developer Options
fdump-rtl-unshare: Developer Options
fdump-rtl-vartrack: Developer Options
fdump-rtl-vregs: Developer Options
fdump-rtl-web: Developer Options
fdump-statistics: Developer Options
fdump-tree: Developer Options
fdump-tree-all: Developer Options
fdump-unnumbered: Developer Options
fdump-unnumbered-links: Developer Options
fdwarf2-cfi-asm: Debugging Options
fearly-inlining: Optimize Options
felide-type: Diagnostic Message Formatting Options
feliminate-unused-debug-symbols: Debugging Options
feliminate-unused-debug-types: Debugging Options
femit-class-debug-always: Debugging Options
femit-struct-debug-baseonly: Debugging Options
femit-struct-debug-detailed: Debugging Options
femit-struct-debug-reduced: Debugging Options
fenable-: Developer Options
fexceptions: Code Gen Options
fexcess-precision: Optimize Options
fexec-charset: Preprocessor Options
fexpensive-optimizations: Optimize Options
fext-numeric-literals: C++ Dialect Options
fextended-identifiers: Preprocessor Options
fextern-tls-init: C++ Dialect Options
ffast-math: Optimize Options
ffat-lto-objects: Optimize Options
ffile-prefix-map: Overall Options
ffinite-math-only: Optimize Options
ffix-and-continue: Darwin Options
ffixed: Code Gen Options
ffloat-store: Optimize Options
ffloat-store: Disappointments
ffor-scope: C++ Dialect Options
fforward-propagate: Optimize Options
ffp-contract: Optimize Options
ffreestanding: Standards
ffreestanding: C Dialect Options
ffreestanding: Warning Options
ffreestanding: Common Function Attributes
ffriend-injection: C++ Dialect Options
ffunction-sections: Optimize Options
fgcse: Optimize Options
fgcse-after-reload: Optimize Options
fgcse-las: Optimize Options
fgcse-lm: Optimize Options
fgcse-sm: Optimize Options
fgimple: C Dialect Options
fgnu-runtime: Objective-C and Objective-C++ Dialect Options
fgnu-tm: C Dialect Options
fgnu89-inline: C Dialect Options
fgraphite-identity: Optimize Options
fhoist-adjacent-loads: Optimize Options
fhosted: C Dialect Options
fif-conversion: Optimize Options
fif-conversion2: Optimize Options
filelist: Darwin Options
findirect-data: Darwin Options
findirect-inlining: Optimize Options
finhibit-size-directive: Code Gen Options
finline-functions: Optimize Options
finline-functions-called-once: Optimize Options
finline-limit: Optimize Options
finline-small-functions: Optimize Options
finput-charset: Preprocessor Options
finstrument-functions: Instrumentation Options
finstrument-functions: Common Function Attributes
finstrument-functions-exclude-file-list: Instrumentation Options
finstrument-functions-exclude-function-list: Instrumentation Options
fipa-cp: Optimize Options
fipa-cp-clone: Optimize Options
fipa-icf: Optimize Options
fipa-profile: Optimize Options
fipa-pta: Optimize Options
fipa-pure-const: Optimize Options
fipa-ra: Optimize Options
fipa-reference: Optimize Options
fipa-sra: Optimize Options
fira-algorithm: Optimize Options
fira-hoist-pressure: Optimize Options
fira-loop-pressure: Optimize Options
fira-region: Optimize Options
fira-verbose: Developer Options
fisolate-erroneous-paths-attribute: Optimize Options
fisolate-erroneous-paths-dereference: Optimize Options
fivar-visibility: Objective-C and Objective-C++ Dialect Options
fivopts: Optimize Options
fkeep-inline-functions: Optimize Options
fkeep-inline-functions: Inline
fkeep-static-consts: Optimize Options
fkeep-static-functions: Optimize Options
flat_namespace: Darwin Options
flax-vector-conversions: C Dialect Options
fleading-underscore: Code Gen Options
flive-range-shrinkage: Optimize Options
flocal-ivars: Objective-C and Objective-C++ Dialect Options
floop-block: Optimize Options
floop-interchange: Optimize Options
floop-nest-optimize: Optimize Options
floop-parallelize-all: Optimize Options
floop-strip-mine: Optimize Options
floop-unroll-and-jam: Optimize Options
flra-remat: Optimize Options
flto: Optimize Options
flto-compression-level: Optimize Options
flto-odr-type-merging: Optimize Options
flto-partition: Optimize Options
flto-report: Developer Options
flto-report-wpa: Developer Options
fmacro-prefix-map: Preprocessor Options
fmax-errors: Warning Options
fmem-report: Developer Options
fmem-report-wpa: Developer Options
fmerge-all-constants: Optimize Options
fmerge-constants: Optimize Options
fmerge-debug-strings: Debugging Options
fmessage-length: Diagnostic Message Formatting Options
fmodulo-sched: Optimize Options
fmodulo-sched-allow-regmoves: Optimize Options
fmove-loop-invariants: Optimize Options
fms-extensions: C Dialect Options
fms-extensions: C++ Dialect Options
fms-extensions: Unnamed Fields
fnew-inheriting-ctors: C++ Dialect Options
fnew-ttp-matching: C++ Dialect Options
fnext-runtime: Objective-C and Objective-C++ Dialect Options
fno-access-control: C++ Dialect Options
fno-asm: C Dialect Options
fno-branch-count-reg: Optimize Options
fno-builtin: C Dialect Options
fno-builtin: Warning Options
fno-builtin: Common Function Attributes
fno-builtin: Other Builtins
fno-canonical-system-headers: Preprocessor Options
fno-check-pointer-bounds: Instrumentation Options
fno-checking: Developer Options
fno-chkp-check-incomplete-type: Instrumentation Options
fno-chkp-check-read: Instrumentation Options
fno-chkp-check-write: Instrumentation Options
fno-chkp-first-field-has-own-bounds: Instrumentation Options
fno-chkp-flexible-struct-trailing-arrays: Instrumentation Options
fno-chkp-instrument-calls: Instrumentation Options
fno-chkp-instrument-marked-only: Instrumentation Options
fno-chkp-narrow-bounds: Instrumentation Options
fno-chkp-narrow-to-innermost-array: Instrumentation Options
fno-chkp-optimize: Instrumentation Options
fno-chkp-store-bounds: Instrumentation Options
fno-chkp-treat-zero-dynamic-size-as-infinite: Instrumentation Options
fno-chkp-use-fast-string-functions: Instrumentation Options
fno-chkp-use-nochk-string-functions: Instrumentation Options
fno-chkp-use-static-bounds: Instrumentation Options
fno-chkp-use-static-const-bounds: Instrumentation Options
fno-chkp-use-wrappers: Instrumentation Options
fno-common: Code Gen Options
fno-common: Common Variable Attributes
fno-compare-debug: Developer Options
fno-debug-types-section: Debugging Options
fno-default-inline: Inline
fno-defer-pop: Optimize Options
fno-diagnostics-show-caret: Diagnostic Message Formatting Options
fno-diagnostics-show-option: Diagnostic Message Formatting Options
fno-dwarf2-cfi-asm: Debugging Options
fno-elide-constructors: C++ Dialect Options
fno-elide-type: Diagnostic Message Formatting Options
fno-eliminate-unused-debug-types: Debugging Options
fno-enforce-eh-specs: C++ Dialect Options
fno-ext-numeric-literals: C++ Dialect Options
fno-extern-tls-init: C++ Dialect Options
fno-for-scope: C++ Dialect Options
fno-fp-int-builtin-inexact: Optimize Options
fno-function-cse: Optimize Options
fno-gnu-keywords: C++ Dialect Options
fno-gnu-unique: Code Gen Options
fno-guess-branch-probability: Optimize Options
fno-ident: Code Gen Options
fno-implement-inlines: C++ Dialect Options
fno-implement-inlines: C++ Interface
fno-implicit-inline-templates: C++ Dialect Options
fno-implicit-templates: C++ Dialect Options
fno-implicit-templates: Template Instantiation
fno-inline: Optimize Options
fno-ira-share-save-slots: Optimize Options
fno-ira-share-spill-slots: Optimize Options
fno-jump-tables: Code Gen Options
fno-keep-inline-dllexport: Optimize Options
fno-lifetime-dse: Optimize Options
fno-local-ivars: Objective-C and Objective-C++ Dialect Options
fno-math-errno: Optimize Options
fno-merge-debug-strings: Debugging Options
fno-nil-receivers: Objective-C and Objective-C++ Dialect Options
fno-nonansi-builtins: C++ Dialect Options
fno-operator-names: C++ Dialect Options
fno-optional-diags: C++ Dialect Options
fno-peephole: Optimize Options
fno-peephole2: Optimize Options
fno-plt: Code Gen Options
fno-pretty-templates: C++ Dialect Options
fno-printf-return-value: Optimize Options
fno-rtti: C++ Dialect Options
fno-sanitize-recover: Instrumentation Options
fno-sanitize=all: Instrumentation Options
fno-sched-interblock: Optimize Options
fno-sched-spec: Optimize Options
fno-set-stack-executable: x86 Windows Options
fno-show-column: Diagnostic Message Formatting Options
fno-signed-bitfields: C Dialect Options
fno-signed-zeros: Optimize Options
fno-stack-limit: Instrumentation Options
fno-threadsafe-statics: C++ Dialect Options
fno-toplevel-reorder: Optimize Options
fno-trapping-math: Optimize Options
fno-unsigned-bitfields: C Dialect Options
fno-use-cxa-get-exception-ptr: C++ Dialect Options
fno-var-tracking-assignments: Debugging Options
fno-var-tracking-assignments-toggle: Developer Options
fno-weak: C++ Dialect Options
fno-working-directory: Preprocessor Options
fno-writable-relocated-rdata: x86 Windows Options
fno-zero-initialized-in-bss: Optimize Options
fnon-call-exceptions: Code Gen Options
fnothrow-opt: C++ Dialect Options
fobjc-abi-version: Objective-C and Objective-C++ Dialect Options
fobjc-call-cxx-cdtors: Objective-C and Objective-C++ Dialect Options
fobjc-direct-dispatch: Objective-C and Objective-C++ Dialect Options
fobjc-exceptions: Objective-C and Objective-C++ Dialect Options
fobjc-gc: Objective-C and Objective-C++ Dialect Options
fobjc-nilcheck: Objective-C and Objective-C++ Dialect Options
fobjc-std: Objective-C and Objective-C++ Dialect Options
fomit-frame-pointer: Optimize Options
fopenacc: C Dialect Options
fopenacc-dim: C Dialect Options
fopenmp: C Dialect Options
fopenmp-simd: C Dialect Options
fopt-info: Developer Options
foptimize-sibling-calls: Optimize Options
foptimize-strlen: Optimize Options
force_cpusubtype_ALL: Darwin Options
force_flat_namespace: Darwin Options
fpack-struct: Code Gen Options
fpartial-inlining: Optimize Options
fpatchable-function-entry: Instrumentation Options
fpcc-struct-return: Code Gen Options
fpcc-struct-return: Incompatibilities
fpch-deps: Preprocessor Options
fpch-preprocess: Preprocessor Options
fpeel-loops: Optimize Options
fpermissive: C++ Dialect Options
fpermitted-flt-eval-methods: C Dialect Options
fpermitted-flt-eval-methods=c11: C Dialect Options
fpermitted-flt-eval-methods=ts-18661-3: C Dialect Options
fpic: Code Gen Options
fPIC: Code Gen Options
fpie: Code Gen Options
fPIE: Code Gen Options
fplan9-extensions: C Dialect Options
fplan9-extensions: Unnamed Fields
fplugin: Overall Options
fplugin-arg: Overall Options
fpost-ipa-mem-report: Developer Options
fpre-ipa-mem-report: Developer Options
fpredictive-commoning: Optimize Options
fprefetch-loop-arrays: Optimize Options
fpreprocessed: Preprocessor Options
fprofile-abs-path: Instrumentation Options
fprofile-arcs: Instrumentation Options
fprofile-arcs: Other Builtins
fprofile-correction: Optimize Options
fprofile-dir: Instrumentation Options
fprofile-generate: Instrumentation Options
fprofile-reorder-functions: Optimize Options
fprofile-report: Developer Options
fprofile-update: Instrumentation Options
fprofile-use: Optimize Options
fprofile-values: Optimize Options
fpu: RX Options
frandom-seed: Developer Options
freciprocal-math: Optimize Options
frecord-gcc-switches: Code Gen Options
free: Optimize Options
freg-struct-return: Code Gen Options
frename-registers: Optimize Options
freorder-blocks: Optimize Options
freorder-blocks-algorithm: Optimize Options
freorder-blocks-and-partition: Optimize Options
freorder-functions: Optimize Options
freplace-objc-classes: Objective-C and Objective-C++ Dialect Options
frepo: C++ Dialect Options
frepo: Template Instantiation
freport-bug: Developer Options
frerun-cse-after-loop: Optimize Options
freschedule-modulo-scheduled-loops: Optimize Options
frounding-math: Optimize Options
fsanitize-address-use-after-scope: Instrumentation Options
fsanitize-coverage=trace-cmp: Instrumentation Options
fsanitize-coverage=trace-pc: Instrumentation Options
fsanitize-recover: Instrumentation Options
fsanitize-sections: Instrumentation Options
fsanitize-undefined-trap-on-error: Instrumentation Options
fsanitize=address: Instrumentation Options
fsanitize=alignment: Instrumentation Options
fsanitize=bool: Instrumentation Options
fsanitize=bounds: Instrumentation Options
fsanitize=bounds-strict: Instrumentation Options
fsanitize=builtin: Instrumentation Options
fsanitize=enum: Instrumentation Options
fsanitize=float-cast-overflow: Instrumentation Options
fsanitize=float-divide-by-zero: Instrumentation Options
fsanitize=integer-divide-by-zero: Instrumentation Options
fsanitize=kernel-address: Instrumentation Options
fsanitize=leak: Instrumentation Options
fsanitize=nonnull-attribute: Instrumentation Options
fsanitize=null: Instrumentation Options
fsanitize=object-size: Instrumentation Options
fsanitize=pointer-compare: Instrumentation Options
fsanitize=pointer-overflow: Instrumentation Options
fsanitize=pointer-subtract: Instrumentation Options
fsanitize=return: Instrumentation Options
fsanitize=returns-nonnull-attribute: Instrumentation Options
fsanitize=shift: Instrumentation Options
fsanitize=shift-base: Instrumentation Options
fsanitize=shift-exponent: Instrumentation Options
fsanitize=signed-integer-overflow: Instrumentation Options
fsanitize=thread: Instrumentation Options
fsanitize=undefined: Instrumentation Options
fsanitize=unreachable: Instrumentation Options
fsanitize=vla-bound: Instrumentation Options
fsanitize=vptr: Instrumentation Options
fsched-critical-path-heuristic: Optimize Options
fsched-dep-count-heuristic: Optimize Options
fsched-group-heuristic: Optimize Options
fsched-last-insn-heuristic: Optimize Options
fsched-pressure: Optimize Options
fsched-rank-heuristic: Optimize Options
fsched-spec-insn-heuristic: Optimize Options
fsched-spec-load: Optimize Options
fsched-spec-load-dangerous: Optimize Options
fsched-stalled-insns: Optimize Options
fsched-stalled-insns-dep: Optimize Options
fsched-verbose: Developer Options
fsched2-use-superblocks: Optimize Options
fschedule-fusion: Optimize Options
fschedule-insns: Optimize Options
fschedule-insns2: Optimize Options
fsection-anchors: Optimize Options
fsel-sched-pipelining: Optimize Options
fsel-sched-pipelining-outer-loops: Optimize Options
fselective-scheduling: Optimize Options
fselective-scheduling2: Optimize Options
fsemantic-interposition: Optimize Options
fshort-enums: Code Gen Options
fshort-enums: Structures unions enumerations and bit-fields implementation
fshort-enums: Common Type Attributes
fshort-enums: Non-bugs
fshort-wchar: Code Gen Options
fshrink-wrap: Optimize Options
fshrink-wrap-separate: Optimize Options
fsignaling-nans: Optimize Options
fsigned-bitfields: C Dialect Options
fsigned-bitfields: Non-bugs
fsigned-char: C Dialect Options
fsigned-char: Characters implementation
fsimd-cost-model: Optimize Options
fsingle-precision-constant: Optimize Options
fsized-deallocation: C++ Dialect Options
fsplit-ivs-in-unroller: Optimize Options
fsplit-loops: Optimize Options
fsplit-paths: Optimize Options
fsplit-stack: Instrumentation Options
fsplit-stack: Common Function Attributes
fsplit-wide-types: Optimize Options
fssa-backprop: Optimize Options
fssa-phiopt: Optimize Options
fsso-struct: C Dialect Options
fstack-check: Instrumentation Options
fstack-clash-protection: Instrumentation Options
fstack-limit-register: Instrumentation Options
fstack-limit-symbol: Instrumentation Options
fstack-protector: Instrumentation Options
fstack-protector-all: Instrumentation Options
fstack-protector-explicit: Instrumentation Options
fstack-protector-strong: Instrumentation Options
fstack-usage: Developer Options
fstack_reuse: Code Gen Options
fstats: Developer Options
fstdarg-opt: Optimize Options
fstore-merging: Optimize Options
fstrict-aliasing: Optimize Options
fstrict-enums: C++ Dialect Options
fstrict-overflow: Code Gen Options
fstrict-volatile-bitfields: Code Gen Options
fstrong-eval-order: C++ Dialect Options
fsync-libcalls: Code Gen Options
fsyntax-only: Warning Options
ftabstop: Preprocessor Options
ftemplate-backtrace-limit: C++ Dialect Options
ftemplate-depth: C++ Dialect Options
ftest-coverage: Instrumentation Options
fthread-jumps: Optimize Options
ftime-report: Developer Options
ftime-report-details: Developer Options
ftls-model: Code Gen Options
ftracer: Optimize Options
ftrack-macro-expansion: Preprocessor Options
ftrampolines: Code Gen Options
ftrapv: Code Gen Options
ftree-bit-ccp: Optimize Options
ftree-builtin-call-dce: Optimize Options
ftree-ccp: Optimize Options
ftree-ch: Optimize Options
ftree-coalesce-vars: Optimize Options
ftree-copy-prop: Optimize Options
ftree-dce: Optimize Options
ftree-dominator-opts: Optimize Options
ftree-dse: Optimize Options
ftree-forwprop: Optimize Options
ftree-fre: Optimize Options
ftree-loop-distribute-patterns: Optimize Options
ftree-loop-distribution: Optimize Options
ftree-loop-if-convert: Optimize Options
ftree-loop-im: Optimize Options
ftree-loop-ivcanon: Optimize Options
ftree-loop-linear: Optimize Options
ftree-loop-optimize: Optimize Options
ftree-loop-vectorize: Optimize Options
ftree-parallelize-loops: Optimize Options
ftree-partial-pre: Optimize Options
ftree-phiprop: Optimize Options
ftree-pre: Optimize Options
ftree-pta: Optimize Options
ftree-reassoc: Optimize Options
ftree-sink: Optimize Options
ftree-slp-vectorize: Optimize Options
ftree-slsr: Optimize Options
ftree-sra: Optimize Options
ftree-switch-conversion: Optimize Options
ftree-tail-merge: Optimize Options
ftree-ter: Optimize Options
ftree-vectorize: Optimize Options
ftree-vrp: Optimize Options
funconstrained-commons: Optimize Options
funit-at-a-time: Optimize Options
funroll-all-loops: Optimize Options
funroll-loops: Optimize Options
funsafe-math-optimizations: Optimize Options
funsigned-bitfields: C Dialect Options
funsigned-bitfields: Structures unions enumerations and bit-fields implementation
funsigned-bitfields: Non-bugs
funsigned-char: C Dialect Options
funsigned-char: Characters implementation
funswitch-loops: Optimize Options
funwind-tables: Code Gen Options
fuse-cxa-atexit: C++ Dialect Options
fuse-ld=bfd: Link Options
fuse-ld=gold: Link Options
fuse-linker-plugin: Optimize Options
fvar-tracking: Debugging Options
fvar-tracking-assignments: Debugging Options
fvar-tracking-assignments-toggle: Developer Options
fvariable-expansion-in-unroller: Optimize Options
fvect-cost-model: Optimize Options
fverbose-asm: Code Gen Options
fvisibility: Code Gen Options
fvisibility-inlines-hidden: C++ Dialect Options
fvisibility-ms-compat: C++ Dialect Options
fvpt: Optimize Options
fvtable-verify: Instrumentation Options
fvtv-counts: Instrumentation Options
fvtv-debug: Instrumentation Options
fweb: Optimize Options
fwhole-program: Optimize Options
fwide-exec-charset: Preprocessor Options
fworking-directory: Preprocessor Options
fwrapv: Code Gen Options
fwrapv-pointer: Code Gen Options
fzero-link: Objective-C and Objective-C++ Dialect Options

g: Debugging Options
G: ARC Options
G: M32R/D Options
G: MIPS Options
G: Nios II Options
G: PowerPC SPE Options
G: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
G: System V Options
gas-loc-support: Debugging Options
gas-locview-support: Debugging Options
gcolumn-info: Debugging Options
gdwarf: Debugging Options
gen-decls: Objective-C and Objective-C++ Dialect Options
gfull: Darwin Options
ggdb: Debugging Options
ggnu-pubnames: Debugging Options
ginline-points: Debugging Options
ginternal-reset-location-views: Debugging Options
gno-as-loc-support: Debugging Options
gno-column-info: Debugging Options
gno-inline-points: Debugging Options
gno-internal-reset-location-views: Debugging Options
gno-record-gcc-switches: Debugging Options
gno-statement-frontiers: Debugging Options
gno-strict-dwarf: Debugging Options
gno-variable-location-views: Debugging Options
gpubnames: Debugging Options
grecord-gcc-switches: Debugging Options
gsplit-dwarf: Debugging Options
gstabs: Debugging Options
gstabs+: Debugging Options
gstatement-frontiers: Debugging Options
gstrict-dwarf: Debugging Options
gtoggle: Developer Options
gused: Darwin Options
gvariable-location-views: Debugging Options
gvariable-location-views=incompat5: Debugging Options
gvms: Debugging Options
gxcoff: Debugging Options
gxcoff+: Debugging Options
gz: Debugging Options

H: Preprocessor Options
headerpad_max_install_names: Darwin Options
help: Overall Options

I: Directory Options
I-: Directory Options
idirafter: Directory Options
iframework: Darwin Options
imacros: Preprocessor Options
image_base: Darwin Options
imultilib: Directory Options
include: Preprocessor Options
init: Darwin Options
install_name: Darwin Options
iplugindir=: Directory Options
iprefix: Directory Options
iquote: Directory Options
isysroot: Directory Options
isystem: Directory Options
iwithprefix: Directory Options
iwithprefixbefore: Directory Options

keep_private_externs: Darwin Options

l: Link Options
L: Directory Options
lobjc: Link Options

M: Preprocessor Options
m: PowerPC SPE Options
m: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
m1: SH Options
m10: PDP-11 Options
m128bit-long-double: x86 Options
m16: x86 Options
m16-bit: CRIS Options
m16-bit: NDS32 Options
m1reg-: Adapteva Epiphany Options
m2: SH Options
m210: MCore Options
m2a: SH Options
m2a-nofpu: SH Options
m2a-single: SH Options
m2a-single-only: SH Options
m3: SH Options
m31: S/390 and zSeries Options
m32: Nvidia PTX Options
m32: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
m32: SPARC Options
m32: TILE-Gx Options
m32: TILEPro Options
m32: x86 Options
m32-bit: CRIS Options
m32bit-doubles: RL78 Options
m32bit-doubles: RX Options
m32r: M32R/D Options
m32r2: M32R/D Options
m32rx: M32R/D Options
m340: MCore Options
m3dnow: x86 Options
m3dnowa: x86 Options
m3e: SH Options
m4: SH Options
m4-100: SH Options
m4-100-nofpu: SH Options
m4-100-single: SH Options
m4-100-single-only: SH Options
m4-200: SH Options
m4-200-nofpu: SH Options
m4-200-single: SH Options
m4-200-single-only: SH Options
m4-300: SH Options
m4-300-nofpu: SH Options
m4-300-single: SH Options
m4-300-single-only: SH Options
m4-340: SH Options
m4-500: SH Options
m4-nofpu: SH Options
m4-single: SH Options
m4-single-only: SH Options
m40: PDP-11 Options
m45: PDP-11 Options
m4a: SH Options
m4a-nofpu: SH Options
m4a-single: SH Options
m4a-single-only: SH Options
m4al: SH Options
m4byte-functions: MCore Options
m5200: M680x0 Options
m5206e: M680x0 Options
m528x: M680x0 Options
m5307: M680x0 Options
m5407: M680x0 Options
m64: Nvidia PTX Options
m64: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
m64: S/390 and zSeries Options
m64: SPARC Options
m64: TILE-Gx Options
m64: x86 Options
m64bit-doubles: RL78 Options
m64bit-doubles: RX Options
m68000: M680x0 Options
m68010: M680x0 Options
m68020: M680x0 Options
m68020-40: M680x0 Options
m68020-60: M680x0 Options
m68030: M680x0 Options
m68040: M680x0 Options
m68060: M680x0 Options
m68881: M680x0 Options
m8-bit: CRIS Options
m8bit-idiv: x86 Options
m8byte-align: V850 Options
m96bit-long-double: x86 Options
mA6: ARC Options
mA7: ARC Options
mabi: AArch64 Options
mabi: ARM Options
mabi: PowerPC SPE Options
mabi: RISC-V Options
mabi: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mabi: x86 Options
mabi=32: MIPS Options
mabi=64: MIPS Options
mabi=eabi: MIPS Options
mabi=elfv1: PowerPC SPE Options
mabi=elfv1: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mabi=elfv2: PowerPC SPE Options
mabi=elfv2: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mabi=gnu: MMIX Options
mabi=ibmlongdouble: PowerPC SPE Options
mabi=ibmlongdouble: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mabi=ieeelongdouble: PowerPC SPE Options
mabi=ieeelongdouble: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mabi=mmixware: MMIX Options
mabi=n32: MIPS Options
mabi=no-spe: PowerPC SPE Options
mabi=o64: MIPS Options
mabi=spe: PowerPC SPE Options
mabicalls: MIPS Options
mabm: x86 Options
mabort-on-noreturn: ARM Options
mabs=2008: MIPS Options
mabs=legacy: MIPS Options
mabsdata: AVR Options
mabsdiff: MeP Options
mabshi: PDP-11 Options
mac0: PDP-11 Options
macc-4: FRV Options
macc-8: FRV Options
maccumulate-args: AVR Options
maccumulate-outgoing-args: SH Options
maccumulate-outgoing-args: x86 Options
maddress-mode=long: x86 Options
maddress-mode=short: x86 Options
maddress-space-conversion: SPU Options
mads: PowerPC SPE Options
mads: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
madx: x86 Options
maes: x86 Options
maix-struct-return: PowerPC SPE Options
maix-struct-return: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
maix32: PowerPC SPE Options
maix32: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
maix64: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
malign-300: H8/300 Options
malign-call: ARC Options
malign-data: x86 Options
malign-double: x86 Options
malign-int: M680x0 Options
malign-labels: FRV Options
malign-loops: M32R/D Options
malign-natural: PowerPC SPE Options
malign-natural: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
malign-power: PowerPC SPE Options
malign-power: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mall-opts: MeP Options
malloc-cc: FRV Options
mallow-string-insns: RX Options
mallregs: RL78 Options
maltivec: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
maltivec=be: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
maltivec=le: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mam33: MN10300 Options
mam33-2: MN10300 Options
mam34: MN10300 Options
mandroid: GNU/Linux Options
mannotate-align: ARC Options
mapcs: ARM Options
mapcs-frame: ARM Options
mapp-regs: SPARC Options
mapp-regs: V850 Options
mARC600: ARC Options
mARC601: ARC Options
mARC700: ARC Options
march: AArch64 Options
march: ARM Options
march: C6X Options
march: CRIS Options
march: HPPA Options
march: HPPA Options
march: M680x0 Options
march: MIPS Options
march: NDS32 Options
march: Nios II Options
march: RISC-V Options
march: S/390 and zSeries Options
march: x86 Options
marclinux: ARC Options
marclinux_prof: ARC Options
margonaut: ARC Options
marm: ARM Options
mas100-syntax: RX Options
masm-hex: MSP430 Options
masm-syntax-unified: ARM Options
masm=dialect: x86 Options
matomic: ARC Options
matomic-model=model: SH Options
matomic-updates: SPU Options
mauto-litpools: Xtensa Options
mauto-modify-reg: ARC Options
mauto-pic: IA-64 Options
maverage: MeP Options
mavoid-indexed-addresses: PowerPC SPE Options
mavoid-indexed-addresses: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mavx: x86 Options
mavx2: x86 Options
mavx256-split-unaligned-load: x86 Options
mavx256-split-unaligned-store: x86 Options
mavx5124fmaps: x86 Options
mavx5124vnniw: x86 Options
mavx512bitalg: x86 Options
mavx512bw: x86 Options
mavx512cd: x86 Options
mavx512dq: x86 Options
mavx512er: x86 Options
mavx512f: x86 Options
mavx512ifma: x86 Options
mavx512pf: x86 Options
mavx512vbmi: x86 Options
mavx512vbmi2: x86 Options
mavx512vl: x86 Options
mavx512vnni: x86 Options
mavx512vpopcntdq: x86 Options
max-vect-align: Adapteva Epiphany Options
mb: SH Options
mbackchain: S/390 and zSeries Options
mbarrel-shift-enabled: LM32 Options
mbarrel-shifter: ARC Options
mbarrel_shifter: ARC Options
mbase-addresses: MMIX Options
mbased=: MeP Options
mbbit-peephole: ARC Options
mbcopy: PDP-11 Options
mbcopy-builtin: PDP-11 Options
mbe8: ARM Options
mbig: PowerPC SPE Options
mbig: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mbig-endian: AArch64 Options
mbig-endian: ARC Options
mbig-endian: ARM Options
mbig-endian: C6X Options
mbig-endian: IA-64 Options
mbig-endian: MCore Options
mbig-endian: MicroBlaze Options
mbig-endian: NDS32 Options
mbig-endian: PowerPC SPE Options
mbig-endian: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mbig-endian: TILE-Gx Options
mbig-endian-data: RX Options
mbig-switch: V850 Options
mbigtable: SH Options
mbionic: GNU/Linux Options
mbit-align: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mbit-ops: CR16 Options
mbitfield: M680x0 Options
mbitops: MeP Options
mbitops: SH Options
mblock-compare-inline-limit: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mblock-compare-inline-loop-limit: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mblock-move-inline-limit: PowerPC SPE Options
mblock-move-inline-limit: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mbmi: x86 Options
mbmi2: x86 Options
mbranch-cheap: PDP-11 Options
mbranch-cost: Adapteva Epiphany Options
mbranch-cost: AVR Options
mbranch-cost: MIPS Options
mbranch-cost: RISC-V Options
mbranch-cost=num: SH Options
mbranch-cost=number: M32R/D Options
mbranch-expensive: PDP-11 Options
mbranch-hints: SPU Options
mbranch-likely: MIPS Options
mbranch-predict: MMIX Options
mbss-plt: PowerPC SPE Options
mbss-plt: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mbuild-constants: DEC Alpha Options
mbwx: DEC Alpha Options
mbypass-cache: Nios II Options
mc68000: M680x0 Options
mc68020: M680x0 Options
mc=: MeP Options
mcache-block-size: NDS32 Options
mcache-size: SPU Options
mcache-volatile: Nios II Options
mcall-eabi: PowerPC SPE Options
mcall-eabi: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mcall-freebsd: PowerPC SPE Options
mcall-freebsd: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mcall-linux: PowerPC SPE Options
mcall-linux: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mcall-ms2sysv-xlogues: x86 Options
mcall-netbsd: PowerPC SPE Options
mcall-netbsd: PowerPC SPE Options
mcall-netbsd: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mcall-netbsd: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mcall-prologues: AVR Options
mcall-sysv: PowerPC SPE Options
mcall-sysv: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mcall-sysv-eabi: PowerPC SPE Options
mcall-sysv-eabi: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mcall-sysv-noeabi: PowerPC SPE Options
mcall-sysv-noeabi: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mcallee-super-interworking: ARM Options
mcaller-copies: HPPA Options
mcaller-super-interworking: ARM Options
mcallgraph-data: MCore Options
mcase-vector-pcrel: ARC Options
mcbcond: SPARC Options
mcbranch-force-delay-slot: SH Options
mcc-init: CRIS Options
mcfv4e: M680x0 Options
mcheck-zero-division: MIPS Options
mcix: DEC Alpha Options
mcld: x86 Options
mclear-hwcap: Solaris 2 Options
mclflushopt: x86 Options
mclip: MeP Options
mclwb: x86 Options
mclzero: x86 Options
mcmodel: NDS32 Options
mcmodel: SPARC Options
mcmodel=kernel: x86 Options
mcmodel=large: AArch64 Options
mcmodel=large: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mcmodel=large: TILE-Gx Options
mcmodel=large: x86 Options
mcmodel=medany: RISC-V Options
mcmodel=medium: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mcmodel=medium: x86 Options
mcmodel=medlow: RISC-V Options
mcmodel=small: AArch64 Options
mcmodel=small: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mcmodel=small: TILE-Gx Options
mcmodel=small: x86 Options
mcmodel=tiny: AArch64 Options
mcmov: NDS32 Options
mcmove: Adapteva Epiphany Options
mcmpb: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mcmse: ARM Options
mcode-density: ARC Options
mcode-readable: MIPS Options
mcode-region: MSP430 Options
mcompact-branches=always: MIPS Options
mcompact-branches=never: MIPS Options
mcompact-branches=optimal: MIPS Options
mcompact-casesi: ARC Options
mcompat-align-parm: PowerPC SPE Options
mcompat-align-parm: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mcompress: FT32 Options
mcond-exec: FRV Options
mcond-move: FRV Options
mconfig=: MeP Options
mconsole: x86 Windows Options
mconst-align: CRIS Options
mconst16: Xtensa Options
mconstant-gp: IA-64 Options
mcop: MeP Options
mcop32: MeP Options
mcop64: MeP Options
mcorea: Blackfin Options
mcoreb: Blackfin Options
mcpu: AArch64 Options
mcpu: ARC Options
mcpu: ARM Options
mcpu: CRIS Options
mcpu: DEC Alpha Options
mcpu: FRV Options
mcpu: M680x0 Options
mcpu: picoChip Options
mcpu: PowerPC SPE Options
mcpu: RL78 Options
mcpu: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mcpu: RX Options
mcpu: SPARC Options
mcpu: TILE-Gx Options
mcpu: TILEPro Options
mcpu: Visium Options
mcpu: x86 Options
mcpu32: M680x0 Options
mcpu=: Blackfin Options
mcpu=: M32C Options
mcpu=: MicroBlaze Options
mcpu=: MSP430 Options
mcr16c: CR16 Options
mcr16cplus: CR16 Options
mcrc32: x86 Options
mcrypto: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mcsync-anomaly: Blackfin Options
mctor-dtor: NDS32 Options
mcustom-fpu-cfg: Nios II Options
mcustom-insn: Nios II Options
mcx16: x86 Options
MD: Preprocessor Options
mdalign: SH Options
mdata-align: CRIS Options
mdata-model: CR16 Options
mdata-region: MSP430 Options
mdc: MeP Options
mdebug: M32R/D Options
mdebug: S/390 and zSeries Options
mdebug: Visium Options
mdebug-main=prefix: VMS Options
mdec-asm: PDP-11 Options
mdisable-callt: V850 Options
mdisable-fpregs: HPPA Options
mdisable-indexing: HPPA Options
mdiv: M680x0 Options
mdiv: MCore Options
mdiv: MeP Options
mdiv: RISC-V Options
mdiv-rem: ARC Options
mdiv=strategy: SH Options
mdivide-breaks: MIPS Options
mdivide-enabled: LM32 Options
mdivide-traps: MIPS Options
mdivsi3_libfunc=name: SH Options
mdll: x86 Windows Options
mdlmzb: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mdmx: MIPS Options
mdouble: FRV Options
mdouble-float: MIPS Options
mdouble-float: PowerPC SPE Options
mdouble-float: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mdpfp: ARC Options
mdpfp-compact: ARC Options
mdpfp-fast: ARC Options
mdpfp_compact: ARC Options
mdpfp_fast: ARC Options
mdsp: MIPS Options
mdsp-packa: ARC Options
mdspr2: MIPS Options
mdsp_packa: ARC Options
mdual-nops: SPU Options
mdump-tune-features: x86 Options
mdvbf: ARC Options
mdwarf2-asm: IA-64 Options
mdword: FRV Options
mdynamic-no-pic: PowerPC SPE Options
mdynamic-no-pic: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mea: ARC Options
mEA: ARC Options
mea32: SPU Options
mea64: SPU Options
meabi: PowerPC SPE Options
meabi: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mearly-cbranchsi: ARC Options
mearly-stop-bits: IA-64 Options
meb: MeP Options
meb: Moxie Options
meb: Nios II Options
meb: Score Options
mel: MeP Options
mel: Moxie Options
mel: Nios II Options
mel: Score Options
melf: CRIS Options
melf: MMIX Options
memb: PowerPC SPE Options
memb: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
membedded-data: MIPS Options
memregs=: M32C Options
mep: V850 Options
mepsilon: MMIX Options
merror-reloc: SPU Options
mesa: S/390 and zSeries Options
metrax100: CRIS Options
metrax4: CRIS Options
meva: MIPS Options
mexpand-adddi: ARC Options
mexplicit-relocs: DEC Alpha Options
mexplicit-relocs: MIPS Options
mexr: H8/300 Options
mextern-sdata: MIPS Options
MF: Preprocessor Options
mf16c: x86 Options
mfast-fp: Blackfin Options
mfast-indirect-calls: HPPA Options
mfast-sw-div: Nios II Options
mfaster-structs: SPARC Options
mfdiv: RISC-V Options
mfdpic: FRV Options
mfentry: x86 Options
mfix: DEC Alpha Options
mfix-24k: MIPS Options
mfix-and-continue: Darwin Options
mfix-at697f: SPARC Options
mfix-cortex-a53-835769: AArch64 Options
mfix-cortex-a53-843419: AArch64 Options
mfix-cortex-m3-ldrd: ARM Options
mfix-gr712rc: SPARC Options
mfix-r10000: MIPS Options
mfix-r4000: MIPS Options
mfix-r4400: MIPS Options
mfix-rm7000: MIPS Options
mfix-sb1: MIPS Options
mfix-ut699: SPARC Options
mfix-ut700: SPARC Options
mfix-vr4120: MIPS Options
mfix-vr4130: MIPS Options
mfixed-cc: FRV Options
mfixed-range: HPPA Options
mfixed-range: IA-64 Options
mfixed-range: SH Options
mfixed-range: SPU Options
mflat: SPARC Options
mflip-mips16: MIPS Options
mflip-thumb: ARM Options
mfloat-abi: ARM Options
mfloat-gprs: PowerPC SPE Options
mfloat-ieee: DEC Alpha Options
mfloat-vax: DEC Alpha Options
mfloat128: PowerPC SPE Options
mfloat128: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mfloat128-hardware: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mfloat32: PDP-11 Options
mfloat64: PDP-11 Options
mflush-func: MIPS Options
mflush-func=name: M32R/D Options
mflush-trap=number: M32R/D Options
mfma: x86 Options
mfma4: x86 Options
mfmaf: SPARC Options
mfmovd: SH Options
mforce-indirect-call: x86 Options
mforce-no-pic: Xtensa Options
mfp-exceptions: MIPS Options
mfp-mode: Adapteva Epiphany Options
mfp-reg: DEC Alpha Options
mfp-rounding-mode: DEC Alpha Options
mfp-trap-mode: DEC Alpha Options
mfp16-format: ARM Options
mfp32: MIPS Options
mfp64: MIPS Options
mfpmath: Optimize Options
mfpmath: x86 Options
mfpr-32: FRV Options
mfpr-64: FRV Options
mfprnd: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mfpu: ARC Options
mfpu: ARM Options
mfpu: PDP-11 Options
mfpu: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mfpu: SPARC Options
mfpu: Visium Options
mfpxx: MIPS Options
mfract-convert-truncate: AVR Options
mframe-header-opt: MIPS Options
mfriz: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mfsca: SH Options
mfsgsbase: x86 Options
mfsmuld: SPARC Options
mfsrra: SH Options
mft32b: FT32 Options
mfull-regs: NDS32 Options
mfull-toc: PowerPC SPE Options
mfull-toc: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mfused-madd: IA-64 Options
mfused-madd: MIPS Options
mfused-madd: PowerPC SPE Options
mfused-madd: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mfused-madd: S/390 and zSeries Options
mfused-madd: SH Options
mfused-madd: Xtensa Options
mfxsr: x86 Options
MG: Preprocessor Options
mg: VAX Options
mg10: RL78 Options
mg13: RL78 Options
mg14: RL78 Options
mgas: HPPA Options
mgas-isr-prologues: AVR Options
mgcc-abi: V850 Options
mgeneral-regs-only: AArch64 Options
mgeneral-regs-only: x86 Options
mgfni: x86 Options
mghs: V850 Options
mglibc: GNU/Linux Options
mgnu: VAX Options
mgnu-as: IA-64 Options
mgnu-attribute: PowerPC SPE Options
mgnu-attribute: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mgnu-ld: HPPA Options
mgnu-ld: IA-64 Options
mgomp: Nvidia PTX Options
mgotplt: CRIS Options
mgp32: MIPS Options
mgp64: MIPS Options
mgpopt: MIPS Options
mgpopt: Nios II Options
mgpr-32: FRV Options
mgpr-64: FRV Options
mgprel-ro: FRV Options
mgprel-sec: Nios II Options
mh: H8/300 Options
mhal: Nios II Options
mhalf-reg-file: Adapteva Epiphany Options
mhard-dfp: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mhard-dfp: S/390 and zSeries Options
mhard-float: FRV Options
mhard-float: M680x0 Options
mhard-float: MicroBlaze Options
mhard-float: MIPS Options
mhard-float: PowerPC SPE Options
mhard-float: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mhard-float: S/390 and zSeries Options
mhard-float: SPARC Options
mhard-float: V850 Options
mhard-float: Visium Options
mhard-float: x86 Options
mhard-quad-float: SPARC Options
mhardlit: MCore Options
mhint-max-distance: SPU Options
mhint-max-nops: SPU Options
mhle: x86 Options
mhotpatch: S/390 and zSeries Options
mhp-ld: HPPA Options
mhtm: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mhtm: S/390 and zSeries Options
mhw-div: Nios II Options
mhw-mul: Nios II Options
mhw-mulx: Nios II Options
mhwmult=: MSP430 Options
miamcu: x86 Options
micplb: Blackfin Options
mid-shared-library: Blackfin Options
mieee: DEC Alpha Options
mieee: SH Options
mieee-conformant: DEC Alpha Options
mieee-fp: x86 Options
mieee-with-inexact: DEC Alpha Options
milp32: IA-64 Options
mimadd: MIPS Options
mimpure-text: Solaris 2 Options
mincoming-stack-boundary: x86 Options
mindexed-loads: ARC Options
minline-all-stringops: x86 Options
minline-float-divide-max-throughput: IA-64 Options
minline-float-divide-min-latency: IA-64 Options
minline-ic_invalidate: SH Options
minline-int-divide-max-throughput: IA-64 Options
minline-int-divide-min-latency: IA-64 Options
minline-plt: Blackfin Options
minline-plt: FRV Options
minline-sqrt-max-throughput: IA-64 Options
minline-sqrt-min-latency: IA-64 Options
minline-stringops-dynamically: x86 Options
minrt: MSP430 Options
minsert-sched-nops: PowerPC SPE Options
minsert-sched-nops: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mint-register: RX Options
mint16: PDP-11 Options
mint32: CR16 Options
mint32: H8/300 Options
mint32: PDP-11 Options
mint8: AVR Options
minterlink-compressed: MIPS Options
minterlink-mips16: MIPS Options
mio-volatile: MeP Options
mips1: MIPS Options
mips16: MIPS Options
mips2: MIPS Options
mips3: MIPS Options
mips32: MIPS Options
mips32r3: MIPS Options
mips32r5: MIPS Options
mips32r6: MIPS Options
mips3d: MIPS Options
mips4: MIPS Options
mips64: MIPS Options
mips64r2: MIPS Options
mips64r3: MIPS Options
mips64r5: MIPS Options
mips64r6: MIPS Options
mirq-ctrl-saved: ARC Options
misel: PowerPC SPE Options
misel: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
misize: ARC Options
misize: SH Options
misr-vector-size: NDS32 Options
missue-rate=number: M32R/D Options
mivc2: MeP Options
mjli-alawys: ARC Options
mjsr: RX Options
mjump-in-delay: HPPA Options
mkernel: Darwin Options
mknuthdiv: MMIX Options
ml: MeP Options
ml: SH Options
mlarge: MSP430 Options
mlarge-data: DEC Alpha Options
mlarge-data-threshold: x86 Options
mlarge-mem: SPU Options
mlarge-text: DEC Alpha Options
mleadz: MeP Options
mleaf-id-shared-library: Blackfin Options
mlibfuncs: MMIX Options
mlibrary-pic: FRV Options
mlinked-fp: FRV Options
mlinker-opt: HPPA Options
mlinux: CRIS Options
mlittle: PowerPC SPE Options
mlittle: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mlittle-endian: AArch64 Options
mlittle-endian: ARC Options
mlittle-endian: ARM Options
mlittle-endian: C6X Options
mlittle-endian: IA-64 Options
mlittle-endian: MCore Options
mlittle-endian: MicroBlaze Options
mlittle-endian: NDS32 Options
mlittle-endian: PowerPC SPE Options
mlittle-endian: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mlittle-endian: TILE-Gx Options
mlittle-endian-data: RX Options
mliw: MN10300 Options
mll64: ARC Options
mllsc: MIPS Options
mload-store-pairs: MIPS Options
mlocal-sdata: MIPS Options
mlock: ARC Options
mlong-calls: Adapteva Epiphany Options
mlong-calls: ARC Options
mlong-calls: ARM Options
mlong-calls: Blackfin Options
mlong-calls: FRV Options
mlong-calls: MIPS Options
mlong-calls: V850 Options
mlong-double-128: S/390 and zSeries Options
mlong-double-128: x86 Options
mlong-double-64: S/390 and zSeries Options
mlong-double-64: x86 Options
mlong-double-80: x86 Options
mlong-jump-table-offsets: M680x0 Options
mlong-jumps: V850 Options
mlong-load-store: HPPA Options
mlong32: MIPS Options
mlong64: MIPS Options
mlongcall: PowerPC SPE Options
mlongcall: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mlongcalls: Xtensa Options
mloop: V850 Options
mlow-64k: Blackfin Options
mlow-precision-recip-sqrt: AArch64 Options
mlp64: IA-64 Options
mlpc-width: ARC Options
mlra: ARC Options
mlra: FT32 Options
mlra: SPARC Options
mlra-priority-compact: ARC Options
mlra-priority-noncompact: ARC Options
mlra-priority-none: ARC Options
mlwp: x86 Options
mlxc1-sxc1: MIPS Options
mlzcnt: x86 Options
MM: Preprocessor Options
mm: MeP Options
mmac: CR16 Options
mmac: Score Options
mmac-24: ARC Options
mmac-d16: ARC Options
mmac_24: ARC Options
mmac_d16: ARC Options
mmad: MIPS Options
mmadd4: MIPS Options
mmain-is-OS_task: AVR Options
mmainkernel: Nvidia PTX Options
mmalloc64: VMS Options
mmax: DEC Alpha Options
mmax-constant-size: RX Options
mmax-stack-frame: CRIS Options
mmcount-ra-address: MIPS Options
mmcu: AVR Options
mmcu: MIPS Options
mmcu=: MSP430 Options
MMD: Preprocessor Options
mmedia: FRV Options
mmedium-calls: ARC Options
mmemcpy: MicroBlaze Options
mmemcpy: MIPS Options
mmemcpy-strategy=strategy: x86 Options
mmemory-latency: DEC Alpha Options
mmemory-model: SPARC Options
mmemset-strategy=strategy: x86 Options
mmfcrf: PowerPC SPE Options
mmfcrf: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mmfpgpr: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mmicromips: MIPS Options
mminimal-toc: PowerPC SPE Options
mminimal-toc: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mminmax: MeP Options
mmitigate-rop: x86 Options
mmixed-code: ARC Options
mmmx: x86 Options
mmodel=large: M32R/D Options
mmodel=medium: M32R/D Options
mmodel=small: M32R/D Options
mmovbe: x86 Options
mmovdir64b: x86 Options
mmovdiri: x86 Options
mmpx: x86 Options
mmpy-option: ARC Options
mms-bitfields: x86 Options
mmt: MIPS Options
mmul: RL78 Options
mmul-bug-workaround: CRIS Options
mmul.x: Moxie Options
mmul32x16: ARC Options
mmul64: ARC Options
mmuladd: FRV Options
mmulhw: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mmult: MeP Options
mmult-bug: MN10300 Options
mmultcost: ARC Options
mmulti-cond-exec: FRV Options
mmulticore: Blackfin Options
mmultiple: PowerPC SPE Options
mmultiple: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mmusl: GNU/Linux Options
mmvcle: S/390 and zSeries Options
mmvme: PowerPC SPE Options
mmvme: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mmwaitx: x86 Options
mn: H8/300 Options
mn-flash: AVR Options
mnan=2008: MIPS Options
mnan=legacy: MIPS Options
mneon-for-64bits: ARM Options
mnested-cond-exec: FRV Options
mnhwloop: Score Options
mno-16-bit: NDS32 Options
mno-4byte-functions: MCore Options
mno-8byte-align: V850 Options
mno-abicalls: MIPS Options
mno-abshi: PDP-11 Options
mno-ac0: PDP-11 Options
mno-address-space-conversion: SPU Options
mno-align-double: x86 Options
mno-align-int: M680x0 Options
mno-align-loops: M32R/D Options
mno-align-stringops: x86 Options
mno-allow-string-insns: RX Options
mno-altivec: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mno-am33: MN10300 Options
mno-app-regs: SPARC Options
mno-app-regs: V850 Options
mno-as100-syntax: RX Options
mno-atomic-updates: SPU Options
mno-auto-litpools: Xtensa Options
mno-avoid-indexed-addresses: PowerPC SPE Options
mno-avoid-indexed-addresses: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mno-backchain: S/390 and zSeries Options
mno-base-addresses: MMIX Options
mno-bit-align: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mno-bitfield: M680x0 Options
mno-branch-likely: MIPS Options
mno-branch-predict: MMIX Options
mno-brcc: ARC Options
mno-bwx: DEC Alpha Options
mno-bypass-cache: Nios II Options
mno-cache-volatile: Nios II Options
mno-call-ms2sysv-xlogues: x86 Options
mno-callgraph-data: MCore Options
mno-cbcond: SPARC Options
mno-check-zero-division: MIPS Options
mno-cix: DEC Alpha Options
mno-clearbss: MicroBlaze Options
mno-cmov: NDS32 Options
mno-cmpb: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mno-cond-exec: ARC Options
mno-cond-exec: FRV Options
mno-cond-move: FRV Options
mno-const-align: CRIS Options
mno-const16: Xtensa Options
mno-crt0: MN10300 Options
mno-crt0: Moxie Options
mno-crypto: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mno-csync-anomaly: Blackfin Options
mno-custom-insn: Nios II Options
mno-data-align: CRIS Options
mno-debug: S/390 and zSeries Options
mno-default: x86 Options
mno-disable-callt: V850 Options
mno-div: M680x0 Options
mno-div: MCore Options
mno-dlmzb: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mno-double: FRV Options
mno-dpfp-lrsr: ARC Options
mno-dsp: MIPS Options
mno-dspr2: MIPS Options
mno-dwarf2-asm: IA-64 Options
mno-dword: FRV Options
mno-eabi: PowerPC SPE Options
mno-eabi: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mno-early-stop-bits: IA-64 Options
mno-eflags: FRV Options
mno-embedded-data: MIPS Options
mno-ep: V850 Options
mno-epsilon: MMIX Options
mno-eva: MIPS Options
mno-explicit-relocs: DEC Alpha Options
mno-explicit-relocs: MIPS Options
mno-exr: H8/300 Options
mno-extern-sdata: MIPS Options
mno-fancy-math-387: x86 Options
mno-fast-sw-div: Nios II Options
mno-faster-structs: SPARC Options
mno-fix: DEC Alpha Options
mno-fix-24k: MIPS Options
mno-fix-cortex-a53-835769: AArch64 Options
mno-fix-cortex-a53-843419: AArch64 Options
mno-fix-r10000: MIPS Options
mno-fix-r4000: MIPS Options
mno-fix-r4400: MIPS Options
mno-flat: SPARC Options
mno-float: MIPS Options
mno-float128: PowerPC SPE Options
mno-float128: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mno-float128-hardware: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mno-float32: PDP-11 Options
mno-float64: PDP-11 Options
mno-flush-func: M32R/D Options
mno-flush-trap: M32R/D Options
mno-fmaf: SPARC Options
mno-fp-in-toc: PowerPC SPE Options
mno-fp-in-toc: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mno-fp-regs: DEC Alpha Options
mno-fp-ret-in-387: x86 Options
mno-fprnd: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mno-fpu: SPARC Options
mno-fpu: Visium Options
mno-fsca: SH Options
mno-fsmuld: SPARC Options
mno-fsrra: SH Options
mno-fused-madd: IA-64 Options
mno-fused-madd: MIPS Options
mno-fused-madd: PowerPC SPE Options
mno-fused-madd: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mno-fused-madd: S/390 and zSeries Options
mno-fused-madd: SH Options
mno-fused-madd: Xtensa Options
mno-gnu-as: IA-64 Options
mno-gnu-attribute: PowerPC SPE Options
mno-gnu-attribute: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mno-gnu-ld: IA-64 Options
mno-gotplt: CRIS Options
mno-gpopt: MIPS Options
mno-gpopt: Nios II Options
mno-hard-dfp: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mno-hard-dfp: S/390 and zSeries Options
mno-hardlit: MCore Options
mno-htm: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mno-htm: S/390 and zSeries Options
mno-hw-div: Nios II Options
mno-hw-mul: Nios II Options
mno-hw-mulx: Nios II Options
mno-id-shared-library: Blackfin Options
mno-ieee: SH Options
mno-ieee-fp: x86 Options
mno-imadd: MIPS Options
mno-inline-float-divide: IA-64 Options
mno-inline-int-divide: IA-64 Options
mno-inline-sqrt: IA-64 Options
mno-int16: PDP-11 Options
mno-int32: PDP-11 Options
mno-interlink-compressed: MIPS Options
mno-interlink-mips16: MIPS Options
mno-interrupts: AVR Options
mno-isel: PowerPC SPE Options
mno-isel: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mno-jsr: RX Options
mno-knuthdiv: MMIX Options
mno-leaf-id-shared-library: Blackfin Options
mno-libfuncs: MMIX Options
mno-llsc: MIPS Options
mno-load-store-pairs: MIPS Options
mno-local-sdata: MIPS Options
mno-long-calls: ARM Options
mno-long-calls: Blackfin Options
mno-long-calls: HPPA Options
mno-long-calls: MIPS Options
mno-long-calls: V850 Options
mno-long-jumps: V850 Options
mno-longcall: PowerPC SPE Options
mno-longcall: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mno-longcalls: Xtensa Options
mno-low-64k: Blackfin Options
mno-low-precision-recip-sqrt: AArch64 Options
mno-lra: SPARC Options
mno-lsim: FR30 Options
mno-lsim: MCore Options
mno-mad: MIPS Options
mno-max: DEC Alpha Options
mno-mcount-ra-address: MIPS Options
mno-mcu: MIPS Options
mno-mdmx: MIPS Options
mno-media: FRV Options
mno-memcpy: MIPS Options
mno-mfcrf: PowerPC SPE Options
mno-mfcrf: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mno-mfpgpr: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mno-millicode: ARC Options
mno-mips16: MIPS Options
mno-mips3d: MIPS Options
mno-mmicromips: MIPS Options
mno-mpy: ARC Options
mno-ms-bitfields: x86 Options
mno-mt: MIPS Options
mno-mul-bug-workaround: CRIS Options
mno-muladd: FRV Options
mno-mulhw: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mno-mult-bug: MN10300 Options
mno-multi-cond-exec: FRV Options
mno-multiple: PowerPC SPE Options
mno-multiple: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mno-mvcle: S/390 and zSeries Options
mno-nested-cond-exec: FRV Options
mno-odd-spreg: MIPS Options
mno-omit-leaf-frame-pointer: AArch64 Options
mno-optimize-membar: FRV Options
mno-opts: MeP Options
mno-pack: FRV Options
mno-packed-stack: S/390 and zSeries Options
mno-paired: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mno-paired-single: MIPS Options
mno-pc-relative-literal-loads: AArch64 Options
mno-perf-ext: NDS32 Options
mno-perf-ext: NDS32 Options
mno-perf-ext: NDS32 Options
mno-pic: IA-64 Options
mno-pid: RX Options
mno-plt: MIPS Options
mno-popc: SPARC Options
mno-popcntb: PowerPC SPE Options
mno-popcntb: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mno-popcntd: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mno-postinc: Adapteva Epiphany Options
mno-postmodify: Adapteva Epiphany Options
mno-power8-fusion: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mno-power8-vector: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mno-powerpc-gfxopt: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mno-powerpc-gpopt: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mno-powerpc64: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mno-prolog-function: V850 Options
mno-prologue-epilogue: CRIS Options
mno-prototype: PowerPC SPE Options
mno-prototype: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mno-push-args: x86 Options
mno-quad-memory: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mno-quad-memory-atomic: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mno-readonly-in-sdata: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mno-red-zone: x86 Options
mno-register-names: IA-64 Options
mno-regnames: PowerPC SPE Options
mno-regnames: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mno-relax: V850 Options
mno-relax-immediate: MCore Options
mno-relocatable: PowerPC SPE Options
mno-relocatable: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mno-relocatable-lib: PowerPC SPE Options
mno-relocatable-lib: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mno-renesas: SH Options
mno-round-nearest: Adapteva Epiphany Options
mno-rtd: M680x0 Options
mno-save-mduc-in-interrupts: RL78 Options
mno-scc: FRV Options
mno-sched-ar-data-spec: IA-64 Options
mno-sched-ar-in-data-spec: IA-64 Options
mno-sched-br-data-spec: IA-64 Options
mno-sched-br-in-data-spec: IA-64 Options
mno-sched-control-spec: IA-64 Options
mno-sched-count-spec-in-critical-path: IA-64 Options
mno-sched-in-control-spec: IA-64 Options
mno-sched-prefer-non-control-spec-insns: IA-64 Options
mno-sched-prefer-non-data-spec-insns: IA-64 Options
mno-sched-prolog: ARM Options
mno-sdata: ARC Options
mno-sdata: IA-64 Options
mno-sdata: PowerPC SPE Options
mno-sdata: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mno-sep-data: Blackfin Options
mno-serialize-volatile: Xtensa Options
mno-short: M680x0 Options
mno-side-effects: CRIS Options
mno-sim: RX Options
mno-single-exit: MMIX Options
mno-slow-bytes: MCore Options
mno-small-exec: S/390 and zSeries Options
mno-smartmips: MIPS Options
mno-soft-cmpsf: Adapteva Epiphany Options
mno-soft-float: DEC Alpha Options
mno-space-regs: HPPA Options
mno-spe: PowerPC SPE Options
mno-specld-anomaly: Blackfin Options
mno-split-addresses: MIPS Options
mno-stack-align: CRIS Options
mno-stack-bias: SPARC Options
mno-std-struct-return: SPARC Options
mno-strict-align: M680x0 Options
mno-strict-align: PowerPC SPE Options
mno-strict-align: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mno-subxc: SPARC Options
mno-sum-in-toc: PowerPC SPE Options
mno-sum-in-toc: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mno-sym32: MIPS Options
mno-target-align: Xtensa Options
mno-text-section-literals: Xtensa Options
mno-tls-markers: PowerPC SPE Options
mno-tls-markers: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mno-toc: PowerPC SPE Options
mno-toc: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mno-toplevel-symbols: MMIX Options
mno-tpf-trace: S/390 and zSeries Options
mno-unaligned-access: ARM Options
mno-unaligned-doubles: SPARC Options
mno-uninit-const-in-rodata: MIPS Options
mno-update: PowerPC SPE Options
mno-update: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mno-user-mode: SPARC Options
mno-usermode: SH Options
mno-v3push: NDS32 Options
mno-v8plus: SPARC Options
mno-vect-double: Adapteva Epiphany Options
mno-virt: MIPS Options
mno-vis: SPARC Options
mno-vis2: SPARC Options
mno-vis3: SPARC Options
mno-vis4: SPARC Options
mno-vis4b: SPARC Options
mno-vliw-branch: FRV Options
mno-volatile-asm-stop: IA-64 Options
mno-volatile-cache: ARC Options
mno-vrsave: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mno-vsx: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mno-vx: S/390 and zSeries Options
mno-warn-mcu: MSP430 Options
mno-warn-multiple-fast-interrupts: RX Options
mno-wide-bitfields: MCore Options
mno-xgot: M680x0 Options
mno-xgot: MIPS Options
mno-xl-compat: PowerPC SPE Options
mno-xl-compat: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mno-xpa: MIPS Options
mno-zdcbranch: SH Options
mno-zero-extend: MMIX Options
mno-zvector: S/390 and zSeries Options
mnobitfield: M680x0 Options
mnodiv: FT32 Options
mnoliw: MN10300 Options
mnomacsave: SH Options
mnop-fun-dllimport: x86 Windows Options
mnop-mcount: x86 Options
mnopm: FT32 Options
mnops: Adapteva Epiphany Options
mnorm: ARC Options
mnosetlb: MN10300 Options
mnosplit-lohi: Adapteva Epiphany Options
modd-spreg: MIPS Options
momit-leaf-frame-pointer: AArch64 Options
momit-leaf-frame-pointer: Blackfin Options
momit-leaf-frame-pointer: x86 Options
mone-byte-bool: Darwin Options
moptimize: Nvidia PTX Options
moptimize-membar: FRV Options
moverride: AArch64 Options
MP: Preprocessor Options
mpa-risc-1-0: HPPA Options
mpa-risc-1-1: HPPA Options
mpa-risc-2-0: HPPA Options
mpack: FRV Options
mpacked-stack: S/390 and zSeries Options
mpadstruct: SH Options
mpaired: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mpaired-single: MIPS Options
mpc-relative-literal-loads: AArch64 Options
mpc32: x86 Options
mpc64: x86 Options
mpc80: x86 Options
mpclmul: x86 Options
mpconfig: x86 Options
mpcrel: M680x0 Options
mpdebug: CRIS Options
mpe: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mpe-aligned-commons: x86 Windows Options
mperf-ext: NDS32 Options
mperf-ext: NDS32 Options
mperf-ext: NDS32 Options
mpic-data-is-text-relative: ARM Options
mpic-register: ARM Options
mpid: RX Options
mpku: x86 Options
mplt: MIPS Options
mpointer-size=size: VMS Options
mpointers-to-nested-functions: PowerPC SPE Options
mpointers-to-nested-functions: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mpoke-function-name: ARM Options
mpopc: SPARC Options
mpopcnt: x86 Options
mpopcntb: PowerPC SPE Options
mpopcntb: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mpopcntd: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mportable-runtime: HPPA Options
mpower8-fusion: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mpower8-vector: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mpowerpc-gfxopt: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mpowerpc-gpopt: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mpowerpc64: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mprefer-avx128: x86 Options
mprefer-short-insn-regs: Adapteva Epiphany Options
mprefer-vector-width: x86 Options
mprefergot: SH Options
mpreferred-stack-boundary: RISC-V Options
mpreferred-stack-boundary: x86 Options
mprefetchwt1: x86 Options
mpretend-cmove: SH Options
mprfchw: x86 Options
mprint-tune-info: ARM Options
mprioritize-restricted-insns: PowerPC SPE Options
mprioritize-restricted-insns: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mprolog-function: V850 Options
mprologue-epilogue: CRIS Options
mprototype: PowerPC SPE Options
mprototype: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mpure-code: ARM Options
mpush-args: x86 Options
MQ: Preprocessor Options
mq-class: ARC Options
mquad-memory: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mquad-memory-atomic: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mr0rel-sec: Nios II Options
mr10k-cache-barrier: MIPS Options
mRcq: ARC Options
mRcw: ARC Options
mrdpid: x86 Options
mrdrnd: x86 Options
mrdseed: x86 Options
mreadonly-in-sdata: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mrecip: PowerPC SPE Options
mrecip: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mrecip: x86 Options
mrecip-precision: PowerPC SPE Options
mrecip-precision: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mrecip=opt: PowerPC SPE Options
mrecip=opt: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mrecip=opt: x86 Options
mrecord-mcount: x86 Options
mreduced-regs: NDS32 Options
mregister-names: IA-64 Options
mregnames: PowerPC SPE Options
mregnames: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mregparm: x86 Options
mrelax: AVR Options
mrelax: H8/300 Options
mrelax: MN10300 Options
mrelax: MSP430 Options
mrelax: NDS32 Options
mrelax: RX Options
mrelax: SH Options
mrelax: V850 Options
mrelax-immediate: MCore Options
mrelax-pic-calls: MIPS Options
mrelocatable: PowerPC SPE Options
mrelocatable: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mrelocatable-lib: PowerPC SPE Options
mrelocatable-lib: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mrenesas: SH Options
mrepeat: MeP Options
mrestrict-it: ARM Options
mreturn-pointer-on-d0: MN10300 Options
mrf16: ARC Options
mrgf-banked-regs: ARC Options
mrh850-abi: V850 Options
mrl78: RL78 Options
mrmw: AVR Options
mrtd: M680x0 Options
mrtd: x86 Options
mrtd: x86 Function Attributes
mrtm: x86 Options
mrtp: VxWorks Options
mrtsc: ARC Options
ms: H8/300 Options
ms: MeP Options
ms2600: H8/300 Options
msafe-dma: SPU Options
msafe-hints: SPU Options
msahf: x86 Options
msatur: MeP Options
msave-acc-in-interrupts: RX Options
msave-mduc-in-interrupts: RL78 Options
msave-restore: RISC-V Options
msave-toc-indirect: PowerPC SPE Options
msave-toc-indirect: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mscc: FRV Options
msched-ar-data-spec: IA-64 Options
msched-ar-in-data-spec: IA-64 Options
msched-br-data-spec: IA-64 Options
msched-br-in-data-spec: IA-64 Options
msched-control-spec: IA-64 Options
msched-costly-dep: PowerPC SPE Options
msched-costly-dep: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
msched-count-spec-in-critical-path: IA-64 Options
msched-fp-mem-deps-zero-cost: IA-64 Options
msched-in-control-spec: IA-64 Options
msched-max-memory-insns: IA-64 Options
msched-max-memory-insns-hard-limit: IA-64 Options
msched-prefer-non-control-spec-insns: IA-64 Options
msched-prefer-non-data-spec-insns: IA-64 Options
msched-spec-ldc: IA-64 Options
msched-spec-ldc: IA-64 Options
msched-stop-bits-after-every-cycle: IA-64 Options
mschedule: HPPA Options
mscore5: Score Options
mscore5u: Score Options
mscore7: Score Options
mscore7d: Score Options
msda: V850 Options
msdata: IA-64 Options
msdata: PowerPC SPE Options
msdata: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
msdata=all: C6X Options
msdata=data: PowerPC SPE Options
msdata=data: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
msdata=default: C6X Options
msdata=default: PowerPC SPE Options
msdata=default: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
msdata=eabi: PowerPC SPE Options
msdata=eabi: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
msdata=none: C6X Options
msdata=none: M32R/D Options
msdata=none: PowerPC SPE Options
msdata=none: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
msdata=sdata: M32R/D Options
msdata=sysv: PowerPC SPE Options
msdata=sysv: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
msdata=use: M32R/D Options
msdram: Blackfin Options
msdram: MeP Options
msecure-plt: PowerPC SPE Options
msecure-plt: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
msel-sched-dont-check-control-spec: IA-64 Options
msep-data: Blackfin Options
mserialize-volatile: Xtensa Options
msetlb: MN10300 Options
msgx: x86 Options
msha: x86 Options
mshared-library-id: Blackfin Options
mshort: M680x0 Options
mshort-calls: AVR Options
mshstk: x86 Options
msign-extend-enabled: LM32 Options
msign-return-address: AArch64 Options
msilicon-errata: MSP430 Options
msilicon-errata-warn: MSP430 Options
msim: Blackfin Options
msim: C6X Options
msim: CR16 Options
msim: FT32 Options
msim: M32C Options
msim: MeP Options
msim: MSP430 Options
msim: PowerPC SPE Options
msim: RL78 Options
msim: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
msim: RX Options
msim: Visium Options
msim: Xstormy16 Options
msimd: ARC Options
msimnovec: MeP Options
msimple-fpu: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
msingle-exit: MMIX Options
msingle-float: MIPS Options
msingle-float: PowerPC SPE Options
msingle-float: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
msingle-pic-base: ARM Options
msingle-pic-base: PowerPC SPE Options
msingle-pic-base: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
msio: HPPA Options
msize-level: ARC Options
mskip-rax-setup: x86 Options
mslow-bytes: MCore Options
mslow-flash-data: ARM Options
msmall: MSP430 Options
msmall-data: DEC Alpha Options
msmall-data-limit: RISC-V Options
msmall-data-limit: RX Options
msmall-divides: MicroBlaze Options
msmall-exec: S/390 and zSeries Options
msmall-mem: SPU Options
msmall-model: FR30 Options
msmall-text: DEC Alpha Options
msmall16: Adapteva Epiphany Options
msmallc: Nios II Options
msmartmips: MIPS Options
msoft-float: ARC Options
msoft-float: DEC Alpha Options
msoft-float: FRV Options
msoft-float: HPPA Options
msoft-float: M680x0 Options
msoft-float: MicroBlaze Options
msoft-float: MIPS Options
msoft-float: PDP-11 Options
msoft-float: PowerPC SPE Options
msoft-float: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
msoft-float: S/390 and zSeries Options
msoft-float: SPARC Options
msoft-float: V850 Options
msoft-float: Visium Options
msoft-float: x86 Options
msoft-quad-float: SPARC Options
msoft-stack: Nvidia PTX Options
msp8: AVR Options
mspace: V850 Options
mspe: PowerPC SPE Options
mspecld-anomaly: Blackfin Options
mspfp: ARC Options
mspfp-compact: ARC Options
mspfp-fast: ARC Options
mspfp_compact: ARC Options
mspfp_fast: ARC Options
msplit-addresses: MIPS Options
msplit-vecmove-early: Adapteva Epiphany Options
msse: x86 Options
msse2: x86 Options
msse2avx: x86 Options
msse3: x86 Options
msse4: x86 Options
msse4.1: x86 Options
msse4.2: x86 Options
msse4a: x86 Options
msseregparm: x86 Options
mssse3: x86 Options
mstack-align: CRIS Options
mstack-bias: SPARC Options
mstack-check-l1: Blackfin Options
mstack-guard: S/390 and zSeries Options
mstack-increment: MCore Options
mstack-offset: Adapteva Epiphany Options
mstack-protector-guard: PowerPC SPE Options
mstack-protector-guard: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mstack-protector-guard: x86 Options
mstack-protector-guard-offset: PowerPC SPE Options
mstack-protector-guard-offset: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mstack-protector-guard-offset: x86 Options
mstack-protector-guard-reg: PowerPC SPE Options
mstack-protector-guard-reg: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mstack-protector-guard-reg: x86 Options
mstack-protector-guard-symbol: PowerPC SPE Options
mstack-protector-guard-symbol: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mstack-size: S/390 and zSeries Options
mstackrealign: x86 Options
mstd-struct-return: SPARC Options
mstdmain: SPU Options
mstrict-align: AArch64 Options
mstrict-align: M680x0 Options
mstrict-align: PowerPC SPE Options
mstrict-align: RISC-V Options
mstrict-align: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mstrict-X: AVR Options
mstring-compare-inline-limit: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mstringop-strategy=alg: x86 Options
mstructure-size-boundary: ARM Options
msubxc: SPARC Options
msv-mode: Visium Options
msve-vector-bits: AArch64 Options
msvr4-struct-return: PowerPC SPE Options
msvr4-struct-return: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mswap: ARC Options
mswape: ARC Options
msym32: MIPS Options
msynci: MIPS Options
msys-crt0: Nios II Options
msys-lib: Nios II Options
MT: Preprocessor Options
mtarget-align: Xtensa Options
mtas: SH Options
mtbm: x86 Options
mtda: V850 Options
mtelephony: ARC Options
mtext-section-literals: Xtensa Options
mtf: MeP Options
mthread: x86 Windows Options
mthreads: x86 Options
mthumb: ARM Options
mthumb-interwork: ARM Options
mtiny-stack: AVR Options
mtiny=: MeP Options
mTLS: FRV Options
mtls: FRV Options
mtls-dialect: ARM Options
mtls-dialect: x86 Options
mtls-dialect=desc: AArch64 Options
mtls-dialect=traditional: AArch64 Options
mtls-direct-seg-refs: x86 Options
mtls-markers: PowerPC SPE Options
mtls-markers: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mtls-size: AArch64 Options
mtls-size: IA-64 Options
mtoc: PowerPC SPE Options
mtoc: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mtomcat-stats: FRV Options
mtoplevel-symbols: MMIX Options
mtp: ARM Options
mtp-regno: ARC Options
mtpcs-frame: ARM Options
mtpcs-leaf-frame: ARM Options
mtpf-trace: S/390 and zSeries Options
mtraceback: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mtrap-precision: DEC Alpha Options
mtune: AArch64 Options
mtune: ARC Options
mtune: ARC Options
mtune: ARM Options
mtune: CRIS Options
mtune: DEC Alpha Options
mtune: IA-64 Options
mtune: M680x0 Options
mtune: MIPS Options
mtune: MN10300 Options
mtune: PowerPC SPE Options
mtune: RISC-V Options
mtune: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mtune: S/390 and zSeries Options
mtune: SPARC Options
mtune: Visium Options
mtune: x86 Options
mtune-ctrl=feature-list: x86 Options
muclibc: GNU/Linux Options
muls: Score Options
multcost: ARC Options
multcost=number: SH Options
multilib-library-pic: FRV Options
multiply-enabled: LM32 Options
multiply_defined: Darwin Options
multiply_defined_unused: Darwin Options
multi_module: Darwin Options
munalign-prob-threshold: ARC Options
munaligned-access: ARM Options
munaligned-doubles: SPARC Options
municode: x86 Windows Options
muniform-simt: Nvidia PTX Options
muninit-const-in-rodata: MIPS Options
munix: VAX Options
munix-asm: PDP-11 Options
munsafe-dma: SPU Options
mupdate: PowerPC SPE Options
mupdate: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
muser-enabled: LM32 Options
muser-mode: SPARC Options
muser-mode: Visium Options
musermode: SH Options
mv3push: NDS32 Options
mv850: V850 Options
mv850e: V850 Options
mv850e1: V850 Options
mv850e2: V850 Options
mv850e2v3: V850 Options
mv850e2v4: V850 Options
mv850e3v5: V850 Options
mv850es: V850 Options
mv8plus: SPARC Options
mvaes: x86 Options
mveclibabi: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mveclibabi: x86 Options
mvect8-ret-in-mem: x86 Options
mverbose-cost-dump: AArch64 Options
mverbose-cost-dump: ARM Options
mvirt: MIPS Options
mvis: SPARC Options
mvis2: SPARC Options
mvis3: SPARC Options
mvis4: SPARC Options
mvis4b: SPARC Options
mvliw-branch: FRV Options
mvms-return-codes: VMS Options
mvolatile-asm-stop: IA-64 Options
mvolatile-cache: ARC Options
mvpclmulqdq: x86 Options
mvr4130-align: MIPS Options
mvrsave: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mvsx: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mvx: S/390 and zSeries Options
mvxworks: PowerPC SPE Options
mvxworks: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mvzeroupper: x86 Options
mwarn-dynamicstack: S/390 and zSeries Options
mwarn-framesize: S/390 and zSeries Options
mwarn-mcu: MSP430 Options
mwarn-multiple-fast-interrupts: RX Options
mwarn-reloc: SPU Options
mwbnoinvd: x86 Options
mwide-bitfields: MCore Options
mwin32: x86 Windows Options
mwindows: x86 Windows Options
mword-relocations: ARM Options
mx32: x86 Options
mxgot: M680x0 Options
mxgot: MIPS Options
mxilinx-fpu: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mxl-barrel-shift: MicroBlaze Options
mxl-compat: PowerPC SPE Options
mxl-compat: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mxl-float-convert: MicroBlaze Options
mxl-float-sqrt: MicroBlaze Options
mxl-gp-opt: MicroBlaze Options
mxl-multiply-high: MicroBlaze Options
mxl-pattern-compare: MicroBlaze Options
mxl-reorder: MicroBlaze Options
mxl-soft-div: MicroBlaze Options
mxl-soft-mul: MicroBlaze Options
mxl-stack-check: MicroBlaze Options
mxop: x86 Options
mxpa: MIPS Options
mxsave: x86 Options
mxsavec: x86 Options
mxsaveopt: x86 Options
mxsaves: x86 Options
mxy: ARC Options
myellowknife: PowerPC SPE Options
myellowknife: RS/6000 and PowerPC Options
mzarch: S/390 and zSeries Options
mzda: V850 Options
mzdcbranch: SH Options
mzero-extend: MMIX Options
mzvector: S/390 and zSeries Options

no-80387: x86 Options
no-canonical-prefixes: Directory Options
no-integrated-cpp: Preprocessor Options
no-pie: Link Options
no-sysroot-suffix: Directory Options
noall_load: Darwin Options
nocpp: MIPS Options
nodefaultlibs: Link Options
nodevicelib: AVR Options
nodevicespecs: AVR Options
nofixprebinding: Darwin Options
nofpu: RX Options
nolibdld: HPPA Options
nomultidefs: Darwin Options
non-static: VxWorks Options
noprebind: Darwin Options
noseglinkedit: Darwin Options
nostartfiles: Link Options
nostdinc: Directory Options
nostdinc++: C++ Dialect Options
nostdinc++: Directory Options
nostdlib: Link Options
no_dead_strip_inits_and_terms: Darwin Options

o: Overall Options
O: Optimize Options
O0: Optimize Options
O1: Optimize Options
O2: Optimize Options
O3: Optimize Options
Ofast: Optimize Options
Og: Optimize Options
Os: Optimize Options

p: Instrumentation Options
P: Preprocessor Options
pagezero_size: Darwin Options
param: Optimize Options
pass-exit-codes: Overall Options
pedantic: Standards
pedantic: Warning Options
pedantic: C Extensions
pedantic: Alternate Keywords
pedantic: Warnings and Errors
pedantic-errors: Standards
pedantic-errors: Warning Options
pedantic-errors: Non-bugs
pedantic-errors: Warnings and Errors
pg: Instrumentation Options
pie: Link Options
pipe: Overall Options
plt: RISC-V Options
prebind: Darwin Options
prebind_all_twolevel_modules: Darwin Options
print-file-name: Developer Options
print-libgcc-file-name: Developer Options
print-multi-directory: Developer Options
print-multi-lib: Developer Options
print-multi-os-directory: Developer Options
print-multiarch: Developer Options
print-objc-runtime-info: Objective-C and Objective-C++ Dialect Options
print-prog-name: Developer Options
print-search-dirs: Developer Options
print-sysroot: Developer Options
print-sysroot-headers-suffix: Developer Options
private_bundle: Darwin Options
pthread: Preprocessor Options
pthread: Link Options
pthreads: Solaris 2 Options

Q: Developer Options
Qn: System V Options
Qy: System V Options

rdynamic: Link Options
read_only_relocs: Darwin Options
remap: Preprocessor Options

S: Overall Options
S: Link Options
s: Link Options
save-temps: Developer Options
save-temps=obj: Developer Options
sectalign: Darwin Options
sectcreate: Darwin Options
sectobjectsymbols: Darwin Options
sectobjectsymbols: Darwin Options
sectorder: Darwin Options
seg1addr: Darwin Options
segaddr: Darwin Options
seglinkedit: Darwin Options
segprot: Darwin Options
segs_read_only_addr: Darwin Options
segs_read_only_addr: Darwin Options
segs_read_write_addr: Darwin Options
segs_read_write_addr: Darwin Options
seg_addr_table: Darwin Options
seg_addr_table_filename: Darwin Options
shared: Link Options
shared-libgcc: Link Options
short-calls: Adapteva Epiphany Options
sim: CRIS Options
sim2: CRIS Options
single_module: Darwin Options
specs: Overall Options
static: Link Options
static: Darwin Options
static: HPPA Options
static-libasan: Link Options
static-libgcc: Link Options
static-liblsan: Link Options
static-libmpx: Link Options
static-libmpxwrappers: Link Options
static-libstdc++: Link Options
static-libtsan: Link Options
static-libubsan: Link Options
static-pie: Link Options
std: Standards
std: C Dialect Options
std: Other Builtins
std: Non-bugs
sub_library: Darwin Options
sub_umbrella: Darwin Options
symbolic: Link Options
sysroot: Directory Options

T: Link Options
target-help: Overall Options
threads: HPPA Options
time: Developer Options
tno-android-cc: GNU/Linux Options
tno-android-ld: GNU/Linux Options
traditional: Preprocessor Options
traditional: Incompatibilities
traditional-cpp: Preprocessor Options
trigraphs: Preprocessor Options
twolevel_namespace: Darwin Options

U: Preprocessor Options
u: Link Options
umbrella: Darwin Options
undef: Preprocessor Options
undefined: Darwin Options
unexported_symbols_list: Darwin Options

v: Overall Options
version: Overall Options

w: Warning Options
W: Warning Options
W: Warning Options
W: Warning Options
W: Incompatibilities
Wa: Assembler Options
Wabi: C++ Dialect Options
Wabi-tag: C++ Dialect Options
Waddr-space-convert: AVR Options
Waddress: Warning Options
Waggregate-return: Warning Options
Waggressive-loop-optimizations: Warning Options
Waligned-new: Warning Options
Wall: Warning Options
Wall: Standard Libraries
Walloc-zero: Warning Options
Walloca: Warning Options
Warray-bounds: Warning Options
Wassign-intercept: Objective-C and Objective-C++ Dialect Options
Wattributes: Warning Options
Wbad-function-cast: Warning Options
Wbool-compare: Warning Options
Wbool-operation: Warning Options
Wbuiltin-declaration-mismatch: Warning Options
Wbuiltin-macro-redefined: Warning Options
Wc++-compat: Warning Options
Wc++11-compat: Warning Options
Wc++14-compat: Warning Options
Wc++17-compat: Warning Options
Wc90-c99-compat: Warning Options
Wc99-c11-compat: Warning Options
Wcast-align: Warning Options
Wcast-align=strict: Warning Options
Wcast-function-type: Warning Options
Wcast-qual: Warning Options
Wcatch-value: Warning Options
Wchar-subscripts: Warning Options
Wchkp: Warning Options
Wclass-memaccess: C++ Dialect Options
Wclobbered: Warning Options
Wcomment: Warning Options
Wcomments: Warning Options
Wconditionally-supported: Warning Options
Wconversion: Warning Options
Wconversion-null: Warning Options
Wctor-dtor-privacy: C++ Dialect Options
Wdangling-else: Warning Options
Wdate-time: Warning Options
Wdeclaration-after-statement: Warning Options
Wdelete-incomplete: Warning Options
Wdelete-non-virtual-dtor: C++ Dialect Options
Wdeprecated: Warning Options
Wdeprecated-declarations: Warning Options
Wdisabled-optimization: Warning Options
Wdiscarded-array-qualifiers: Warning Options
Wdiscarded-qualifiers: Warning Options
Wdiv-by-zero: Warning Options
Wdouble-promotion: Warning Options
Wduplicate-decl-specifier: Warning Options
Wduplicated-branches: Warning Options
Wduplicated-cond: Warning Options
weak_reference_mismatches: Darwin Options
Weffc++: C++ Dialect Options
Wempty-body: Warning Options
Wendif-labels: Warning Options
Wenum-compare: Warning Options
Werror: Warning Options
Werror=: Warning Options
Wexpansion-to-defined: Warning Options
Wextra: Warning Options
Wextra: Warning Options
Wextra: Warning Options
Wextra-semi: Warning Options
Wfatal-errors: Warning Options
Wfloat-conversion: Warning Options
Wfloat-equal: Warning Options
Wformat: Warning Options
Wformat: Warning Options
Wformat: Warning Options
Wformat: Common Function Attributes
Wformat-contains-nul: Warning Options
Wformat-extra-args: Warning Options
Wformat-nonliteral: Warning Options
Wformat-nonliteral: Common Function Attributes
Wformat-overflow: Warning Options
Wformat-overflow: Warning Options
Wformat-security: Warning Options
Wformat-signedness: Warning Options
Wformat-truncation: Warning Options
Wformat-truncation: Warning Options
Wformat-y2k: Warning Options
Wformat-zero-length: Warning Options
Wformat=: Warning Options
Wformat=1: Warning Options
Wformat=2: Warning Options
Wframe-address: Warning Options
Wframe-larger-than: Warning Options
Wfree-nonheap-object: Warning Options
whatsloaded: Darwin Options
whyload: Darwin Options
Wif-not-aligned: Warning Options
Wignored-attributes: Warning Options
Wignored-qualifiers: Warning Options
Wimplicit: Warning Options
Wimplicit-fallthrough: Warning Options
Wimplicit-fallthrough=: Warning Options
Wimplicit-function-declaration: Warning Options
Wimplicit-int: Warning Options
Wincompatible-pointer-types: Warning Options
Winherited-variadic-ctor: Warning Options
Winit-self: Warning Options
Winline: Warning Options
Winline: Inline
Wint-conversion: Warning Options
Wint-in-bool-context: Warning Options
Wint-to-pointer-cast: Warning Options
Winvalid-memory-model: Warning Options
Winvalid-offsetof: Warning Options
Winvalid-pch: Warning Options
Wjump-misses-init: Warning Options
Wl: Link Options
Wlarger-than-len: Warning Options
Wlarger-than=len: Warning Options
Wliteral-suffix: C++ Dialect Options
Wlogical-not-parentheses: Warning Options
Wlogical-op: Warning Options
Wlong-long: Warning Options
Wlto-type-mismatch: C++ Dialect Options
Wmain: Warning Options
Wmaybe-uninitialized: Warning Options
Wmemset-elt-size: Warning Options
Wmemset-transposed-args: Warning Options
Wmisleading-indentation: Warning Options
Wmissing-attributes: Warning Options
Wmissing-braces: Warning Options
Wmissing-declarations: Warning Options
Wmissing-field-initializers: Warning Options
Wmissing-format-attribute: Warning Options
Wmissing-include-dirs: Warning Options
Wmissing-parameter-type: Warning Options
Wmissing-prototypes: Warning Options
Wmisspelled-isr: AVR Options
Wmultichar: Warning Options
Wmultiple-inheritance: C++ Dialect Options
Wmultistatement-macros: Warning Options
Wnamespaces: C++ Dialect Options
Wnarrowing: C++ Dialect Options
Wnested-externs: Warning Options
Wno-abi: C++ Dialect Options
Wno-address: Warning Options
Wno-aggregate-return: Warning Options
Wno-aggressive-loop-optimizations: Warning Options
Wno-aligned-new: Warning Options
Wno-all: Warning Options
Wno-alloc-zero: Warning Options
Wno-alloca: Warning Options
Wno-array-bounds: Warning Options
Wno-assign-intercept: Objective-C and Objective-C++ Dialect Options
Wno-attributes: Warning Options
Wno-bad-function-cast: Warning Options
Wno-bool-compare: Warning Options
Wno-bool-operation: Warning Options
Wno-builtin-declaration-mismatch: Warning Options
Wno-builtin-macro-redefined: Warning Options
Wno-c90-c99-compat: Warning Options
Wno-c99-c11-compat: Warning Options
Wno-cast-align: Warning Options
Wno-cast-function-type: Warning Options
Wno-cast-qual: Warning Options
Wno-catch-value: Warning Options
Wno-char-subscripts: Warning Options
Wno-clobbered: Warning Options
Wno-conditionally-supported: Warning Options
Wno-conversion: Warning Options
Wno-conversion-null: Warning Options
Wno-coverage-mismatch: Warning Options
Wno-ctor-dtor-privacy: C++ Dialect Options
Wno-dangling-else: Warning Options
Wno-date-time: Warning Options
Wno-declaration-after-statement: Warning Options
Wno-delete-incomplete: Warning Options
Wno-delete-non-virtual-dtor: C++ Dialect Options
Wno-deprecated: Warning Options
Wno-deprecated-declarations: Warning Options
Wno-disabled-optimization: Warning Options
Wno-discarded-array-qualifiers: Warning Options
Wno-discarded-qualifiers: Warning Options
Wno-div-by-zero: Warning Options
Wno-double-promotion: Warning Options
Wno-duplicate-decl-specifier: Warning Options
Wno-duplicated-branches: Warning Options
Wno-duplicated-cond: Warning Options
Wno-effc++: C++ Dialect Options
Wno-empty-body: Warning Options
Wno-endif-labels: Warning Options
Wno-enum-compare: Warning Options
Wno-error: Warning Options
Wno-error=: Warning Options
Wno-extra: Warning Options
Wno-extra: Warning Options
Wno-extra: Warning Options
Wno-extra-semi: Warning Options
Wno-fatal-errors: Warning Options
Wno-float-conversion: Warning Options
Wno-float-equal: Warning Options
Wno-format: Warning Options
Wno-format: Warning Options
Wno-format-contains-nul: Warning Options
Wno-format-extra-args: Warning Options
Wno-format-nonliteral: Warning Options
Wno-format-overflow: Warning Options
Wno-format-overflow: Warning Options
Wno-format-overflow: Warning Options
Wno-format-security: Warning Options
Wno-format-signedness: Warning Options
Wno-format-truncation: Warning Options
Wno-format-y2k: Warning Options
Wno-format-zero-length: Warning Options
Wno-frame-address: Warning Options
Wno-free-nonheap-object: Warning Options
Wno-if-not-aligned: Warning Options
Wno-ignored-attributes: Warning Options
Wno-ignored-qualifiers: Warning Options
Wno-implicit: Warning Options
Wno-implicit-fallthrough: Warning Options
Wno-implicit-function-declaration: Warning Options
Wno-implicit-int: Warning Options
Wno-incompatible-pointer-types: Warning Options
Wno-inherited-variadic-ctor: Warning Options
Wno-init-self: Warning Options
Wno-inline: Warning Options
Wno-int-conversion: Warning Options
Wno-int-in-bool-context: Warning Options
Wno-int-to-pointer-cast: Warning Options
Wno-invalid-memory-model: Warning Options
Wno-invalid-offsetof: Warning Options
Wno-invalid-pch: Warning Options
Wno-jump-misses-init: Warning Options
Wno-literal-suffix: C++ Dialect Options
Wno-logical-not-parentheses: Warning Options
Wno-logical-op: Warning Options
Wno-long-long: Warning Options
Wno-lto-type-mismatch: C++ Dialect Options
Wno-main: Warning Options
Wno-maybe-uninitialized: Warning Options
Wno-memset-elt-size: Warning Options
Wno-memset-transposed-args: Warning Options
Wno-misleading-indentation: Warning Options
Wno-missing-attributes: Warning Options
Wno-missing-braces: Warning Options
Wno-missing-declarations: Warning Options
Wno-missing-field-initializers: Warning Options
Wno-missing-format-attribute: Warning Options
Wno-missing-include-dirs: Warning Options
Wno-missing-parameter-type: Warning Options
Wno-missing-prototypes: Warning Options
Wno-multichar: Warning Options
Wno-multistatement-macros: Warning Options
Wno-narrowing: C++ Dialect Options
Wno-nested-externs: Warning Options
Wno-noexcept: C++ Dialect Options
Wno-noexcept-type: C++ Dialect Options
Wno-non-template-friend: C++ Dialect Options
Wno-non-virtual-dtor: C++ Dialect Options
Wno-nonnull: Warning Options
Wno-nonnull-compare: Warning Options
Wno-normalized: Warning Options
Wno-null-dereference: Warning Options
Wno-odr: Warning Options
Wno-old-style-cast: C++ Dialect Options
Wno-old-style-declaration: Warning Options
Wno-old-style-definition: Warning Options
Wno-overflow: Warning Options
Wno-overlength-strings: Warning Options
Wno-overloaded-virtual: C++ Dialect Options
Wno-override-init: Warning Options
Wno-override-init-side-effects: Warning Options
Wno-packed: Warning Options
Wno-packed-bitfield-compat: Warning Options
Wno-packed-not-aligned: Warning Options
Wno-padded: Warning Options
Wno-parentheses: Warning Options
Wno-pedantic-ms-format: Warning Options
Wno-placement-new: Warning Options
Wno-pmf-conversions: C++ Dialect Options
Wno-pmf-conversions: Bound member functions
Wno-pointer-arith: Warning Options
Wno-pointer-compare: Warning Options
Wno-pointer-sign: Warning Options
Wno-pointer-to-int-cast: Warning Options
Wno-pragmas: Warning Options
Wno-protocol: Objective-C and Objective-C++ Dialect Options
Wno-redundant-decls: Warning Options
Wno-register: C++ Dialect Options
Wno-reorder: C++ Dialect Options
Wno-restrict: Warning Options
Wno-return-local-addr: Warning Options
Wno-return-type: Warning Options
Wno-selector: Objective-C and Objective-C++ Dialect Options
Wno-sequence-point: Warning Options
Wno-shadow: Warning Options
Wno-shadow-ivar: Warning Options
Wno-shift-count-negative: Warning Options
Wno-shift-count-overflow: Warning Options
Wno-shift-negative-value: Warning Options
Wno-shift-overflow: Warning Options
Wno-sign-compare: Warning Options
Wno-sign-conversion: Warning Options
Wno-sign-promo: C++ Dialect Options
Wno-sized-deallocation: Warning Options
Wno-sizeof-array-argument: Warning Options
Wno-sizeof-pointer-div: Warning Options
Wno-sizeof-pointer-memaccess: Warning Options
Wno-stack-protector: Warning Options
Wno-strict-aliasing: Warning Options
Wno-strict-null-sentinel: C++ Dialect Options
Wno-strict-overflow: Warning Options
Wno-strict-prototypes: Warning Options
Wno-strict-selector-match: Objective-C and Objective-C++ Dialect Options
Wno-stringop-overflow: Warning Options
Wno-stringop-overflow: Warning Options
Wno-stringop-truncation: Warning Options
Wno-subobject-linkage: Warning Options
Wno-suggest-attribute=: Warning Options
Wno-suggest-attribute=cold: Warning Options
Wno-suggest-attribute=const: Warning Options
Wno-suggest-attribute=format: Warning Options
Wno-suggest-attribute=malloc: Warning Options
Wno-suggest-attribute=noreturn: Warning Options
Wno-suggest-attribute=pure: Warning Options
Wno-suggest-final-methods: Warning Options
Wno-suggest-final-types: Warning Options
Wno-switch: Warning Options
Wno-switch-bool: Warning Options
Wno-switch-default: Warning Options
Wno-switch-enum: Warning Options
Wno-switch-unreachable: Warning Options
Wno-sync-nand: Warning Options
Wno-system-headers: Warning Options
Wno-tautological-compare: Warning Options
Wno-terminate: C++ Dialect Options
Wno-traditional: Warning Options
Wno-traditional-conversion: Warning Options
Wno-trampolines: Warning Options
Wno-type-limits: Warning Options
Wno-undeclared-selector: Objective-C and Objective-C++ Dialect Options
Wno-undef: Warning Options
Wno-uninitialized: Warning Options
Wno-unknown-pragmas: Warning Options
Wno-unused: Warning Options
Wno-unused-but-set-parameter: Warning Options
Wno-unused-but-set-variable: Warning Options
Wno-unused-const-variable: Warning Options
Wno-unused-function: Warning Options
Wno-unused-label: Warning Options
Wno-unused-parameter: Warning Options
Wno-unused-result: Warning Options
Wno-unused-value: Warning Options
Wno-unused-variable: Warning Options
Wno-useless-cast: Warning Options
Wno-varargs: Warning Options
Wno-variadic-macros: Warning Options
Wno-vector-operation-performance: Warning Options
Wno-virtual-move-assign: Warning Options
Wno-vla: Warning Options
Wno-volatile-register-var: Warning Options
Wno-write-strings: Warning Options
Wno-zero-as-null-pointer-constant: Warning Options
Wnoexcept: C++ Dialect Options
Wnoexcept-type: C++ Dialect Options
Wnon-template-friend: C++ Dialect Options
Wnon-virtual-dtor: C++ Dialect Options
Wnonnull: Warning Options
Wnonnull-compare: Warning Options
Wnormalized: Warning Options
Wnormalized=: Warning Options
Wnull-dereference: Warning Options
Wodr: Warning Options
Wold-style-cast: C++ Dialect Options
Wold-style-declaration: Warning Options
Wold-style-definition: Warning Options
Wopenm-simd: Warning Options
Woverflow: Warning Options
Woverlength-strings: Warning Options
Woverloaded-virtual: C++ Dialect Options
Woverride-init: Warning Options
Woverride-init-side-effects: Warning Options
Wp: Preprocessor Options
Wpacked: Warning Options
Wpacked-bitfield-compat: Warning Options
Wpacked-not-aligned: Warning Options
Wpadded: Warning Options
Wparentheses: Warning Options
Wpedantic: Warning Options
Wpedantic-ms-format: Warning Options
Wplacement-new: Warning Options
Wpmf-conversions: C++ Dialect Options
Wpointer-arith: Warning Options
Wpointer-arith: Pointer Arith
Wpointer-compare: Warning Options
Wpointer-sign: Warning Options
Wpointer-to-int-cast: Warning Options
Wpragmas: Warning Options
Wprotocol: Objective-C and Objective-C++ Dialect Options
wrapper: Overall Options
Wredundant-decls: Warning Options
Wregister: C++ Dialect Options
Wreorder: C++ Dialect Options
Wrestrict: Warning Options
Wreturn-local-addr: Warning Options
Wreturn-type: Warning Options
Wselector: Objective-C and Objective-C++ Dialect Options
Wsequence-point: Warning Options
Wshadow: Warning Options
Wshadow-ivar: Warning Options
Wshadow=compatible-local: Warning Options
Wshadow=local: Warning Options
Wshadow=local: Warning Options
Wshift-count-negative: Warning Options
Wshift-count-overflow: Warning Options
Wshift-negative-value: Warning Options
Wshift-overflow: Warning Options
Wsign-compare: Warning Options
Wsign-conversion: Warning Options
Wsign-promo: C++ Dialect Options
Wsized-deallocation: Warning Options
Wsizeof-array-argument: Warning Options
Wsizeof-pointer-div: Warning Options
Wsizeof-pointer-memaccess: Warning Options
Wstack-protector: Warning Options
Wstack-usage: Warning Options
Wstrict-aliasing: Warning Options
Wstrict-aliasing=n: Warning Options
Wstrict-null-sentinel: C++ Dialect Options
Wstrict-overflow: Warning Options
Wstrict-prototypes: Warning Options
Wstrict-selector-match: Objective-C and Objective-C++ Dialect Options
Wstringop-overflow: Warning Options
Wstringop-overflow: Warning Options
Wstringop-truncation: Warning Options
Wsubobject-linkage: Warning Options
Wsuggest-attribute=: Warning Options
Wsuggest-attribute=cold: Warning Options
Wsuggest-attribute=const: Warning Options
Wsuggest-attribute=format: Warning Options
Wsuggest-attribute=malloc: Warning Options
Wsuggest-attribute=noreturn: Warning Options
Wsuggest-attribute=pure: Warning Options
Wsuggest-final-methods: Warning Options
Wsuggest-final-types: Warning Options
Wswitch: Warning Options
Wswitch-bool: Warning Options
Wswitch-default: Warning Options
Wswitch-enum: Warning Options
Wswitch-unreachable: Warning Options
Wsync-nand: Warning Options
Wsystem-headers: Warning Options
Wtautological-compare: Warning Options
Wtemplates: C++ Dialect Options
Wterminate: C++ Dialect Options
Wtraditional: Warning Options
Wtraditional-conversion: Warning Options
Wtrampolines: Warning Options
Wtrigraphs: Warning Options
Wtype-limits: Warning Options
Wundeclared-selector: Objective-C and Objective-C++ Dialect Options
Wundef: Warning Options
Wuninitialized: Warning Options
Wunknown-pragmas: Warning Options
Wunsuffixed-float-constants: Warning Options
Wunused: Warning Options
Wunused-but-set-parameter: Warning Options
Wunused-but-set-variable: Warning Options
Wunused-const-variable: Warning Options
Wunused-function: Warning Options
Wunused-label: Warning Options
Wunused-local-typedefs: Warning Options
Wunused-macros: Warning Options
Wunused-parameter: Warning Options
Wunused-result: Warning Options
Wunused-value: Warning Options
Wunused-variable: Warning Options
Wuseless-cast: Warning Options
Wvarargs: Warning Options
Wvariadic-macros: Warning Options
Wvector-operation-performance: Warning Options
Wvirtual-inheritance: C++ Dialect Options
Wvirtual-move-assign: Warning Options
Wvla: Warning Options
Wvolatile-register-var: Warning Options
Wwrite-strings: Warning Options
Wzero-as-null-pointer-constant: Warning Options

x: Overall Options
Xassembler: Assembler Options
Xbind-lazy: VxWorks Options
Xbind-now: VxWorks Options
Xlinker: Link Options
Xpreprocessor: Preprocessor Options

Ym: System V Options
YP: System V Options

z: Link Options

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