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4.3.14 Auxiliary Output Control


Causes GNAT to write the internal tree for a unit to a file (with the extension .adt. This not normally required, but is used by separate analysis tools. Typically these tools do the necessary compilations automatically, so you should not have to specify this switch in normal operation. Note that the combination of switches -gnatct generates a tree in the form required by ASIS applications.


Print a list of units required by this compilation on stdout. The listing includes all units on which the unit being compiled depends either directly or indirectly.


If this switch is not used, the exit code returned by gcc when compiling multiple files indicates whether all source files have been successfully used to generate object files or not.

When -pass-exit-codes is used, gcc exits with an extended exit status and allows an integrated development environment to better react to a compilation failure. Those exit status are:

`5'There was an error in at least one source file.
`3'At least one source file did not generate an object file.
`2'The compiler died unexpectedly (internal error for example).
`0'An object file has been generated for every source file.