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For the following examples, we will consider the following units:
1: with Bar;
2: package Main is
3:     procedure Foo (B : in Integer);
4:     C : Integer;
5: private
6:     D : Integer;
7: end Main;

1: package body Main is
2:     procedure Foo (B : in Integer) is
3:     begin
4:        C := B;
5:        D := B;
6:        Bar.Print (B);
7:        Bar.Print (C);
8:     end Foo;
9: end Main;
1: package Bar is
2:     procedure Print (B : Integer);
3: end bar;

The first thing to do is to recompile your application (for instance, in that case just by doing a gnatmake main, so that GNAT generates the cross-referencing information. You can then issue any of the following commands:

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