Unordered Associative
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 Base and Implementation Classes


class  std::unordered_map< _Key, _Tp, _Hash, _Pred, _Alloc >
class  std::unordered_multimap< _Key, _Tp, _Hash, _Pred, _Alloc >
class  std::unordered_multiset< _Value, _Hash, _Pred, _Alloc >
class  std::unordered_set< _Value, _Hash, _Pred, _Alloc >

Detailed Description

Unordered associative containers allow fast retrieval of data based on keys.

Each container type is parameterized on a Key type, a Hash type providing a hashing functor, and an ordering relation used to sort the elements of the container.

All unordered associative containers must meet certain requirements, summarized in tables.