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Using and Porting GNU Fortran

This manual documents how to run, install and port g77, as well as its new features and incompatibilities, and how to report bugs. It corresponds to the GCC-3.0 version of g77.

GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE  GNU General Public License says how you can copy and share GNU Fortran.
GNU Free Documentation License  How you can copy and share this manual.
Contributors to GNU Fortran  People who have contributed to GNU Fortran.
Funding Free Software  How to help assure continued work for free software.
1. Funding GNU Fortran  How to help assure continued work on GNU Fortran.
2. Getting Started  Finding your way around this manual.
3. What is GNU Fortran?  How g77 fits into the universe.
4. Compile Fortran, C, or Other Programs  You can compile Fortran, C, or other programs.
5. GNU Fortran Command Options  Command options supported by g77.
6. News About GNU Fortran  News about recent releases of g77.
7. User-visible Changes  User-visible changes to recent releases of g77.
8. The GNU Fortran Language  The GNU Fortran language.
10. The GNU Fortran Compiler  The GNU Fortran compiler.
9. Other Dialects  Dialects of Fortran supported by g77.
11. Other Compilers  Fortran compilers other than g77.
12. Other Languages  Languages other than Fortran.
13. Installing GNU Fortran  How to configure, compile and install GNU Fortran.
14. Debugging and Interfacing  How g77 generates code.
15. Collected Fortran Wisdom  How to avoid Trouble.
16. Known Causes of Trouble with GNU Fortran  If you have trouble with GNU Fortran.
17. Open Questions  Things we'd like to know.
18. Reporting Bugs  How, why, and where to report bugs.
19. How To Get Help with GNU Fortran  How to find suppliers of support for GNU Fortran.
20. Adding Options  Guidance on teaching g77 about new options.
21. Projects  Projects for g77 internals hackers.
22. Front End  Design and implementation of the g77 front end.

23. Diagnostics  Diagnostics produced by g77.

Index  Index of concepts and symbol names.

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