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ChMod Intrinsic (subroutine)

     CALL ChMod(Name, Mode, Status)

Name: CHARACTER; scalar; INTENT(IN).

Mode: CHARACTER; scalar; INTENT(IN).


Intrinsic groups: unix.


Changes the access mode of file Name according to the specification Mode, which is given in the format of chmod(1). A null character (CHAR(0)) marks the end of the name in Name--otherwise, trailing blanks in Name are ignored. Currently, Name must not contain the single quote character.

If the Status argument is supplied, it contains 0 on success or a non-zero error code upon return.

Note that this currently works by actually invoking /bin/chmod (or the chmod found when the library was configured) and so might fail in some circumstances and will, anyway, be slow.

Some non-GNU implementations of Fortran provide this intrinsic as only a function, not as a subroutine, or do not support the (optional) Status argument.

For information on other intrinsics with the same name: See ChMod Intrinsic (function).