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Table of Intrinsic Functions

(Corresponds to Section 15.10 of ANSI X3.9-1978 FORTRAN 77.)

The GNU Fortran language adds various functions, subroutines, types, and arguments to the set of intrinsic functions in ANSI FORTRAN 77. The complete set of intrinsics supported by the GNU Fortran language is described below.

Note that a name is not treated as that of an intrinsic if it is specified in an EXTERNAL statement in the same program unit; if a command-line option is used to disable the groups to which the intrinsic belongs; or if the intrinsic is not named in an INTRINSIC statement and a command-line option is used to hide the groups to which the intrinsic belongs.

So, it is recommended that any reference in a program unit to an intrinsic procedure that is not a standard FORTRAN 77 intrinsic be accompanied by an appropriate INTRINSIC statement in that program unit. This sort of defensive programming makes it more likely that an implementation will issue a diagnostic rather than generate incorrect code for such a reference.

The terminology used below is based on that of the Fortran 90 standard, so that the text may be more concise and accurate: