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GMTime Intrinsic

     CALL GMTime(STime, TArray)

STime: INTEGER(KIND=1); scalar; INTENT(IN).


Intrinsic groups: unix.


Given a system time value STime, fills TArray with values extracted from it appropriate to the GMT time zone using gmtime(3).

The array elements are as follows:

  1. Seconds after the minute, range 0-59 or 0-61 to allow for leap seconds
  2. Minutes after the hour, range 0-59
  3. Hours past midnight, range 0-23
  4. Day of month, range 0-31
  5. Number of months since January, range 0-12
  6. Years since 1900
  7. Number of days since Sunday, range 0-6
  8. Days since January 1
  9. Daylight savings indicator: positive if daylight savings is in effect, zero if not, and negative if the information isn't available.