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Imag Intrinsic


Imag: REAL function, the KIND= value of the type being that of argument Z.


Intrinsic groups: f2c.


The imaginary part of Z is returned, without conversion.

Note: The way to do this in standard Fortran 90 is AIMAG(Z). However, when, for example, Z is DOUBLE COMPLEX, AIMAG(Z) means something different for some compilers that are not true Fortran 90 compilers but offer some extensions standardized by Fortran 90 (such as the DOUBLE COMPLEX type, also known as COMPLEX(KIND=2)).

The advantage of IMAG() is that, while not necessarily more or less portable than AIMAG(), it is more likely to cause a compiler that doesn't support it to produce a diagnostic than generate incorrect code.

See REAL() and AIMAG() of Complex, for more information.