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Time8 Intrinsic


Time8: INTEGER(KIND=2) function.

Intrinsic groups: unix.


Returns the current time encoded as a long integer (in the manner of the UNIX function time(3)). This value is suitable for passing to CTIME, GMTIME, and LTIME.

Warning: this intrinsic does not increase the range of the timing values over that returned by time(3). On a system with a 32-bit time(3), TIME8 will return a 32-bit value, even though converted to an INTEGER(KIND=2) value. That means overflows of the 32-bit value can still occur. Therefore, the values returned by this intrinsic might be, or become, negative, or numerically less than previous values, during a single run of the compiled program.

No Fortran implementations other than GNU Fortran are known to support this intrinsic at the time of this writing. See Time Intrinsic (UNIX), for information on a similar intrinsic that might be portable to more Fortran compilers, though to fewer GNU Fortran implementations.